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1950s Diner Girl with Huge Breasts

Hot off the press from Top Heavy Amateurs, loving this new halloween shoot of Maria Moore set in a 1950s diner.

and to help with the am-bi-ance here’s a couple of great tracks from the era – requests for alternative tracks in the comments below (best requests get swapped in) :-)

The only thing that’s missing for me is one of those incredibly sexy retro 1950s torpedo shaped bras – can’t remember what they’re called but you know the ones :-)

Download the whole set in LARGER HD Picture Format (2500×1500) at Top Heavy Amateurs.

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7 Responses to “1950s Diner Girl with Huge Breasts”

  1. femsup Says:

    Its interesting to think how far we have come in erotica and individual and collective sexual morality since the 50′s.Women of Marias age at that time would have had Victorian parents.

    Perhaps this photo shoot presages the future as different sexually from now as we are from then.Perhaps women will be able to proudly bare their huge breasts (the aveverage size will probably be be 42 F) in the knowledge that they are part of their confidence and sexual power.

    Their male admirers will not talk down into their chest instead of their faces but will of course from time to time glance down and admire the beauty of the womens breasts which is only part of their sexuality.

  2. femsup Says:

    Just an enquiry Hugey if you put ” Hot older women with panties upskirts erotic sexy older mature woman mature milf for dating” who is the lassie with 21 seconds of gorgeousness.

    The size of her breasts even dictates the way the rest of her body moves its awesome.Love the uniform too.Has panties and high heels too for you delictation.

  3. femsup Says:

    Sorry lads and lassies that video clip is to be found on You Tube.

  4. hugey Says:

    Hey Fem – I think I found what you’re looking for wrt “Hot older women with panties upskirts erotic sexy older mature woman mature milf for dating”

    That’s none other than gorgeous, sexy Chessie Moore – Click Here for some nice clips of her…enjoy :-)

  5. femsup Says:

    Yes thats the one!She looks a whole lot different in this one though from her 1990′s days.Her breasts seemed very artificail then but seem to have bedded in nicely now.

  6. Krille Says:


  7. Charles Says:

    Damn straight! I could go for a milkshake like that!

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