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2nd look at Eden Mor’s new figure

Following on from great news that Eden Mor is modelling again (see Eden Mor is back) I thought it would be worthwhile having a 2nd look at Eden Mor’s new figure…

In the last post comments were pretty much split on whether Eden Mor was looking as good as before. Truth is she has lost a lot of body mass hasn’t she and, for some, Eden’s lost a lot of her appeal with it. But looking at these pics she’s still pretty heavy on top right! 2nd look, what do you think?

Eden Mor new in redEden Mor new in red

Eden Mor new in redEden Mor new in red

Eden Mor new in redEden Mor new in redEden Mor new in red

All pictures courtesy of Garden of E-d-e-n.

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15 Responses to “2nd look at Eden Mor’s new figure”

  1. Jem Says:

    Yes. Definitely lost a lot of appeal. Now she is missing most of the curves and femininity. She’s got the ass of a 10 year old boy, stick legs and somewhat big tits. Not attractive any more.

  2. TuggerJB Says:

    I’m sure she feels better about herself, but she has definitely lost a fan. I think Eden needs to find a new line of work. That ass shot is especially sad. Sorry Eden, but we’re not your boyfriend who has to love you know matter what you look like lol! We use to worship you for a reason! Good luck with your new job at the DMV or something lol!!

  3. Jeff L Says:

    I think Eden’s still a highly attractive woman, especially with her smile and huge boobs, but she IS different than before. She looks blonder and more “in shape,” I guess. More tall and slender. Which can be equally attractive, but it takes some getting used to.

    She should ask about Chloe Vevrier’s natural boob and curve enhancement techniques. On Eden’s new “in shape” body, these could prove extremely useful.

    Can you imagine?

    Thanks, Hugey.

  4. femsup Says:

    Not as beautiful as before.She has lost more than weight.Her bottom IS boyish now.

  5. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Pretty face, GREAT titties, but that ass is lacking! Hell, I’d still bang her without hesitation! Where the hell did they take these pictures? Looks like the set of some sci- fi flick. Not that it really matters, but they could have found a more flattering backdrop.

  6. festive Says:

    Ill say this first….she looks MORE beautiful now. This is a beautiful, tall, leggy, pretty, busty woman, she can do real modeling now. But yes, as a lover of huge bosomed, large women, she is not that anymore. But again, good for Eden, she looks GREAT, but probably not to our tastes anymore.

  7. khan Says:

    Yeah…she looks “prettier” now, but only in the homogenized sense of looking “pretty” like every other pretty girl looks “pretty.” She’s lost her distinctiveness and could pass for anyone else on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. “In sameness, there is strength,”someone wrote a helluva long time ago. Guess it still holds true.

  8. clarity Says:

    Khan nailed my sentiments. She looks run-of-the-mill good-looking, nothing stands out. Now the tits are on the flappy side than heavy side. Too bad. Let’s hope it’s a phase!

  9. Steelo Says:

    hey if it makes her happy. I’m sure she’ll get more loot. I like breasteses and full figure though, so I’ll let her have her peace and go somewhere else.

  10. TuggerJB Says:

    I’m sorry, but in that 5th picture, she looks like a gibbon with floppy tits lol! What’s up with the bra strap showing in those first few pics?!? That’s not sexy, it just looks like she’s wearing her old bras from before she got all anorexic. Naturally skinny with huge tits is cool. But thick chicks who turn skinny is weak. Sorry Eden, but when you lose body fat, it also comes from those awesome pillowy tits we all came to love over the years. Either you’re Busty Merilyn or you are NOT!

  11. femsup Says:

    Yes Khan she is now conventionally plastically pretty.

  12. Hugey Says:

    I’ve got to say I’m still a fan. Yes, I’d love to see her plump up again and restore her heavy all over look but if she’s happy with her new figure, and I’m sure she is, then, well, good for her.

    Khan and Festive summed this one up nicely for me. She still looks beautiful but just in a different way now.

  13. stefanny Says:

    i preffer before … more to love and real huge heavy breast … please return as before !!!

  14. Brian Says:

    something weird about the website… the shop site has a bunch of crud on it… something about “acunetix” under the DVD section and when you click it goes to other garbage…. either the site has been slapped together untested or its under major construction in some areas

  15. Thorsten Says:

    Früher war Eden eine Göttin. Heute ist sie nur noch irgendein Mädchen mit einigermaßen dicken Titten. Schade für uns Fans, gut für ihre Gesundheit ;-)

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