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Kati’s huge heavy hangers

Yes, yet another post featuring a very very top heavy lady from Silicone Free – now we’re getting into the super-heavy-tits category.

In case you don’t already know this incredible lady her name is Kati and she has the kind of rack that makes ardent huge breasted lovers go weak at the knees…

My god she’s got an incredible pair of heavy hangers but it’s her beautifully shaped nipples that get my vote….

Pics courtesy of Silicone Free.

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12 Responses to “Kati’s huge heavy hangers”

  1. Jay Says:

    I love the way her exposed tit is hanging in the last picture – you can see how heavy it really is, stretching the skin like that.

    Man, I’d love to see how they swing when she’s on all fours getting it from behind….

  2. Tony Says:

    Very Sexy Kati!!!! Thanks for sharing :D

  3. hugey Says:

    Hey J & T – Glad you like :-)
    I think her nipples look so suckable and just love the sheer size and weight of her big tits – never tire of these babies…

  4. femsup Says:

    I agree hugey the sheer weight and the thought of them dangling over you and being slowly lowered to smother one is nice.

    But its evolution.Women are getting biiger and fatter and so are thier breasts.We must adapt by being more willing to helip carry them perhaps embracing them from behind as they walk to take some of the burden up.Also helping them to work their chest muscles so that they remain firmer for longer though that really what they are often concerned about.I think we can safely say that we adore breasts that hang full and low just as we like firm pointing our ones.

  5. hugey Says:


    Embracing them from behind comes so naturally and enthusiastically that I will volunteer whenever needed now or in the future.

    No Problem on the workout front either. I’ll happily use my own face to act as a buffle to cushion their full weight as they’re exercised one way then the other, no matter how vigorous the exercise or how heavy the weight.

    Together, I feel we can do it

  6. Raab Says:

    Quel plaisir qu’elle nous montre les autres photos qui se trouve sur silicinefree.com
    J’aimerais bien savoir son biographie,son age, son poids, sa taille.
    Si quelqu’un a d’autre photo de Kati .
    Quel plaisir que je touche uniquement une fois vos seins et votre corps
    Il y’a d’autres femmes qui sont comme elle et Karola, mais elle portent le voile, elles sont en Egypte et d’autres qui ne portent le voile,elles se trouvent en Afrique du sud.
    Il n’a que me les envoyer

  7. Kati lover Says:

    She is one of my favorite bbw huge natural breast category,I would like to know something abaout her like cup size waigth and does have a marrige…

  8. skoberti Says:

    raab … tu cause francais … ecris moi … skoberti@yahoo.ca … mon nom est stefanny

  9. ben Says:

    i agree with Kati Lover would like to know her breast size and would have liked to see both boobs out at the same time. Still a lovely model though.

  10. schumacher Says:


  11. mick zip Says:

    Kati grossen titten schwingen kuh

  12. bomber mkf Says:

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