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Abbi Secraa: An Evening in the House in the Woods Video

Check out the immense bra that Abbi Secraa is wearing in her new video An Evening in the House in the Woods

This is the kind of bra that makes me go weak at the knees! Kind of like a modern bullet bra, but even better, and filled with possibly the finest pair of breasts on the planet! Video just released by Abbi Secraa.

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20 Responses to “Abbi Secraa: An Evening in the House in the Woods Video”

  1. Boobers Says:

    I think that bra must be made by Coleman….wow. Pic 7 shows just how massive her breasts actually are. She must get looks any and everywhere she goes. Even if you try, you cannot hide those huge things.

  2. Dutchess Says:

    looks rather than gawking is not a problem, if it ends there. can even be flattering sometimes. but heres an idea of what happens if you try to go everywhere and anywhere ( i am not familiar with the girl but any hhb woman would be familiar with the scenario) :


  3. ca uk Says:

    with you on that one hugey,, love this classic white bra and as ever abbi looks incredible… shes just getting hotter and hotter with every shoot.. looking at the bra in this shoot its clearly well fitted and I would imagine perhaps her bra of choice when shes out and about.. it offers her plenty of support and offers minimul cleavage,, hmmmm,, as much as I love this im still favouring her in a bra a size to small so I can enjoy the epic battle between bra and her huge tits… needless to say abbis knockers always win out… looking closely at the feature shot is abbi sporting some bush there?? wow!!!!! the perfect woman may have just got better if that’s possible..

  4. ca uk Says:

    pic 7,8,9.. wow just look at those hangers!!!!!

  5. rich 81 Says:

    Love to see Abbi with Milena! Two of my all time favourites.

  6. bad manners Says:

    I can see your PoV. I’m very privileged to share an office with a beautiful young girl about equal in frame to Abbi, but her nipples are much bigger. I had a lovely time today watching those pronounced teats through her satin shirt.

    I do strive really hard to keep my eyes off them when I’m talking to her.

  7. mr nasty Says:

    Finally she looks super sexy and maybe even a bit aroused in a set of photos! Best photos I’ve seen of her. She needs her asshole eaten out badly!

  8. bingaji Says:

    My wish came true. At long last Abbi in a bra. Now the next part of my dream is Abbi wearing one of those Jenuique pointy bras. I will send her one if she wants.

  9. morrd Says:

    YEAH! can u imagine sucking on her ASS HOLE then sucking those “SUCCULENT SUPER SAGGY SANDBAGS” WOW!!!!! my “MAYONNAISE BAG” Would explode!

  10. Charles Says:

    Yup, I totally love this bra! I think it takes me back to boyhood when I would sneak peeks at the bra section of the JCPennys catalog. It also reminds me of a music video. Any 80s music fans? Remember The Tubes, “One in a Million?” This boy went to kind of a bizzare carnival and got strapped down in a seat on a ride in the lap of a busty woman in leather. I think the bra worn by that model reminds me of (a much much smaller version) of this one. Boyhood, lol. Those early lusts for breasts never fade.

  11. Lcuplover Says:

    Great breasts as usual. But I can’t lie – after watching the vid and seeing her hot box blurred out I was slightly disappointed (understatement). And this is after she said she would be revealing more so my antennas were raised 10 fold only to find that friggin censor. Pissed me off! Lol

  12. luvembig Says:

    Fantastic pics. That is one industrial strength bra. Beautiful. Makes me weak in the knees too, Hugey. Abbi is incredible. Oh, our beautiful Abbi!

  13. Gar Says:

    I love bra pics. A busty woman posing in their bra is one of the wonders of the universe.

  14. jimmyboy Says:

    She is beautiful!

  15. syreata Says:

    @Bad Manners

    Well at least you try(I do strive really hard to keep my eyes off them when I’m talking to her.). LOL.

  16. syreata Says:

    I am not the biggest fan of white bras, but it looks cute on her and she looks younger in these pics.

  17. ca uk Says:

    @syreata,, whats not to love about the white bra??

  18. syreata Says:

    White bras are usually too bland looking for my taste. I prefer color. Now I like the lace, but a different color, maybe blue or purple would be better IMO.

  19. ca uk Says:

    @syreata,, white lace is the classic bra for me but yes I do like to see some colour to,, black is great and I like red to..

  20. syreata Says:

    Red is my favorite color.

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