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Abbi Secraa: Breast Examination Pictures

Following on from Abbi’s message the other day, and the resulting panic, here are those Talks of Breast Reduction Pictures – just released at AbbiSecraa.com.

Holy crap!! Look at the size of Abbi Secraa‘s huge breasts! Look at how tiny the doctor’s hand look – love how this adds scale and a new perspective.

Download the full Hi-Res Pictures (5503x3669px) at Abbi Secraa.

So, after all the panic the other day, it looks like this is just role play after all. Here’s what Abbi says about these pictures and the promise of further new material to come:

It is the time for those who have been waiting to see my breasts touched by another person !

Yes, yes, yes !!! My breasts are touched by a woman who is my doctor.

Touching of my breasts by another person is exclusive on my website and revealed now for the first time !!!

Wait for a movie please ! Squeezing of my breasts by a woman and conversation about reduction of my breasts with my doctor are coming exclusively only on my website !!! It is worth to join for such busty pleasures !

Yours Abbi Secraa

Thank Goodness :)

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25 Responses to “Abbi Secraa: Breast Examination Pictures”

  1. Kamillos Says:

    Wooooaaah! Is it just the perspective, or are Abbi’s breasts bigger than ever, as it looks like? Did she recently had a growth-spurt?
    In spite of that I am happy about the fact there is no real breastreduction-plan, just role-play.
    I have re-joined her site a couple of days ago.
    What do you think, she looks bigger, don’t she?

  2. MisterC Says:

    Not sure if they are actually bigger, though it always tends to add to the fantasy. The quality of the photography is superb. The “peek-a-boo” shot pulling the shirt off with one eye looking out….pure sex appeal, almost Hollywoodish..!

    One of the reasons I am not sure of any size gains is the belt is placed well above the belly button so it is difficult to ascertain growth, but it is irrelevant to me personally (they “the Girls” are fantastic as always) as the eye candy provided is…..again….superb!!!! I must admit though in the laying pictures they are mounded up almost perfectly with colossal size on display. These tend to make me think there is some potential size gains on display. Again irrelevant to me, as the overall beauty is a sight to behold.

    Is it me or is this woman getting prettier facially? She seems to be just glowing. Absolutely superb work by mother nature …. Superb!!!!

    Sex Appeal personified…

  3. LisaSuzanne Says:

    Just adore seeing Abbi..
    Yes, when she is lying down her breasts do
    really look alot bigger–
    Id love to have that problem.

    Your Seattle shemale xoxo

  4. supercalo Says:

    Looks like I got it right……..for the most part. Mister C I think Abbi getting prettier I think its the fact that in her earlier days none of her personality came through in her photo shoots. That used to really bother me about her you have this goddess in front of you staring blankly at the camera looking unsure of herself and what she was doing. It is very true what they say……..confidence is sexy.

  5. luvembig Says:

    I certainly hope it is true that this is only role-play for her site. I will happily be the first to admit I was wrong! She is massive and beautiful. It would be complete torture to tease us like this on her site and then actually get it done in real life. Long live 54 M cup (or whatever) Abbi!!!!

  6. MisterC Says:

    Indeed luvembig, and though she may be an M…I am sure she aint no 54. If properly fitted maybe a 36M. Just guessing on this end.

    Typically the rib cage measurement under the breasts governs the band size (then you add 4 or 5 to it). If the woman is larger framed 36+ then you start transitioning to adding 2-3 to the rib cage measurement to get the band size. Unfortuntaely I spent almost 2 grand in bras through trial and error to get the proper fitting for my misses. I learned this stuff the hard way.

    For example if our busty model measures 30 under the breasts then she would be sized for a 34M (or whatever the cup size is then), if she measured 36 she would be fitted for a 40M for example. If she measures 36 or 38 under the breasts you start transitioning to adding only 2 or 3 to the measurement to get the band size. A small woman like Maximoom was a 34J(probably measured 30 under the breasts), and she visually had a tiny frame. I suspect Abbi is somewhere between Maxi & Anorei/Lexxi who even while pregnant measured a tight 38/39 note this photo:


    I am guessing Abbi is around Milena’s band size & thus about a 36 or at the max a 38 band. All based on professional proper fitting not some nit wit husband ordering bras on line to figure it out for his wife. But, truthfully a sales person actually guided me through the band size routine, then you can tackle the cup size.

    Sorry for the rant….bra size class is dismissed

  7. hugey Says:

    Wow MisterC – That’s impressive! You know more about bra fitting than most women… Hell, you probably know more about bra fitting than most bra fitters :)

  8. BreastFanInColorado Says:

    Abbi, if your back is in pain, may I offer a suggestion? Find a personal trainer who can help you strengthen your back muscles. Other large-breasted women strengthened their back muscles with good results.

    I also like your new hair color. Nice.

  9. Barny Magroo Says:

    Just to make things more complicated. The European bra sizes are different to the American bra sizes, then you’ve got Metric and imperial, then you’ve got different manufacturers all using slightly different standards, then you’ve got different bra styles, then you’ve got woman having different moods(do they want their breasts to jiggle a bit when they walk or stay fully supported), then you’ve got off the shelf bras or custom made bras, then you’ve………………I’ve forgotten what point I’m trying to make? oh yeah, I haven’t got a fucking clue how the bra size system works. But like you say, it doesn’t matter what her bra size is, she is 100% stunning and just keeps getting more beautiful.

    I think that’s why she doesn’t state what her statistics are, because the number 34 doesn’t make her more beautiful than the number 38 and the letter M doesn’t make her more beautiful than the letter L.

    Her beauty comes from her as a whole.

  10. Tony Says:

    EPIC! and she still holds her composure to model and be sexy while in the heat of this adventure!

  11. oslo Says:

    Wow this girl is one massive tease – making her supersexy in my book !

    Her latest set of pics are smoking hot and the accompanying clip should be a sight to behold. The site’s production values are sky-high with her clips coming in at 1920 x 1080 full HD. When viewed on my 55-inch plasma TV, the resolution is such that Abbi’s tits’ stretchmarks and superb vein structure are astounding !!

    Hooray for role-play, that’s what I say….

  12. MisterC Says:

    Barny you are “spot on” the size doesn’t matter when you look that good. Case closed.

    Hugey I learned the hard way & actually spent north of 1,000 dollars on bras that I finally kept & did not send back. There is a certain magic that ultimately the tape only gets close to at best.

    Breast to body size is a big issue, as Abbi is huge in that respect. But, if you took Anories boobs (also big to her body but not quite as impressive as Abbi’s ratio) off her & transplanted them to Abbi I am betting they would look even larger. btw I think Anorei / Lexxi is hot as hell, not cutting her boob to body ratio at all here just making the point that her boobs are probably actually bigger than Abbi’s, but the difference in body types really makes Abbi very very unique and sexy.

  13. luvembig Says:

    @oslo, OMG, the thought of viewing Abbi with her breasts exposed in all their magnificent glory on a 55″ plasma TV is truly mind blowing and makes me weak in the knees. MisterC, I was just stating what Boobpedia has her listed at. I realize they are not the definitive source. 54 does seem rather large for her measuring under her breasts around the rib cage. Maybe that’s a measurement around the outside of the breasts, which I know is an unusual way to measure. Maybe it is different in Europe, because on Nadine Jansen’s website she is listed as having a 116cm/46 inch bust and a bra size of 85H. Maybe the 85 and 54 are centimeters. However, it doesn’t seem that Nadine has that much larger of a rib cage than Abbi does. That being said, as Barny stated, numbers really don’t mean anything when you have two women as beautiful as Nadine and Abbi, or any woman for that matter.

  14. MisterC Says:

    “luvembig” you are probably dead on target with it being their bust vs. the actual proper bra size. Actually some of these sites just throw around numbers & I know they are completely wrong in some cases.

    I have seen Miosotis listed as a 52KK. Well I know that can’t be right…! She is not big framed so 52 is flat wrong. KK is in my ladies cup range & I know that is out, because in volume Miosotis is definitely bigger than the Misses. The tape seldom lies & almost all these girls have done a tape measuring photo shoot sometime or another. Though they tend to make it brief as it can take away from the mysterious fantasy that we breast lovers crave

  15. TheTrainer Says:

    Ok, let’s fix the backs of the huge breasted women, without destroying their figures and their spine:
    - train the back 3 times per week until it is pain free, maintain with 2 workouts per week
    - warm up with easy cardio for few minutes
    - alternate hyperextension/reverse hyperextension/wall gymnastic bridge/glute bridge SLOW progressions, find out the beast movements for each woman based on how the back feels after the workout and the next day
    - slow reps, hold top position for a second, 2 – 4 controlled focused reps per set, 1 light then 3 work sets, 1 minute pause between
    - progress in movement difficulty only after the last set feels easy, use minimal progressions in each movement
    - use yoga “fetal pose” after workout for a minute
    That’s it.

  16. TheTrainer Says:

    I forgot: use the exercise progession that you can do 8 reps until failure to do 4 reps, go easy and use perfect form.

  17. TheTrainer Says:

    I didn’t mention that they should all start with the easiest version of each movement: standing hyperextensions with hands on the hips, tucked leg reverse hyperextensions, wall bridges and glute bridges with hands on the floor.

    If it helps, share this program and make the world a better place!

  18. luvembig Says:

    I hear ya MisterC. I love seeing a busty girl measuring herself, as I’m sure all of us breast aficionados do. I wish they would show more of this on their sites and take their time and do many photos and videos of it. I never tire of seeing a busty girl measuring herself. Hugey, I think you’ve done it before, but maybe it’s time for another update of girls measuring themselves or being measured. The Trainer, excellent posts. This would ensure the health of all large breasted women, and we would never have to worry about them considering reduction surgeries again. We should all pool together and open an exercise clinic catering to this kind of a workout regime.

  19. Charles Says:

    The 52KK PROBABLY comes from publishers looking for the most extreme possible numbers to splash on the cover / website. (After all, bigger is better in every case right? sarcasm) But the number comes from somewhere: probably the OUTERMOST measurement around the fullest part of the bust. So translate the letters to numbers (D=4, G=7 or 8, etc) and then subtract 11-13 from 52= 39-41. So in reality that would likely be a 40KK. But 52KK sounds so much better (bigger) than 40KK, so guess which one gets used? Too bad most doofus consumers know nothing about measurements (or math in general) so this trend continues.

    BreastfaninColorado, and Trainer: THANK YOU. It’s a horrible disservice when physicians IMMEDIATELY go to surgery (INSURANCE…income) rather than common sense physical therapy (gym time!) The other component of this is surgery is quick and easy, working out takes time, effort, and money. Add to that the fact that large busted women TYPICALLY don’t have high testosterone, and do have high estrogen, so they are very much woman-minded not male-minded (lets TALK about how my problems make me feel, not SOLVE them!), and therefore don’t usually have the UMPH to put forth the effort it would actually take in the gym. (“I curled 6 pounds 20 times slowly, why aren’t I losing weight yet?”)

  20. Charles Says:

    (the 11-13 being the numerical equivalent to KK)

  21. TheTrainer Says:

    My stuff can even be done at home, for free: hyperextensions (standard) – let somebody sit on their calfs, reverse hyperextension – lying on a table, wall gymnastic bridges – we all have walls , glute (short) bridges – on the floor.
    I hate the idiots telling busty girls to cut off a part of their body because it is big and the part that should hold it is weak. And the “too much attention” part is also incredibly stupid. Should they tell a kick-boxer to destroy their faces if they are very pretty too?
    There is no other choice – if somebody has a good idea on how to consult (free of charge) this women on how to train, I’ll do it. Email? Blog?

  22. Ralph Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous woman. Please don’t change

  23. krille Says:

    Lucky hands!

  24. wally Says:

    Are there any,or would she be making videos of a dude groping her, that would be cool!,because being another chick is a total turn off! IH8 girl on girl action,of any sort or play

  25. PYSCHE Says:

    Breasts, have (3) purposes. (1) large tits, shows dominates and small tits shows subordinate or submissive, among female’s. (2) Attraction towards male’s. (3) Nurturing infant’s, large tits produce high volumes of milk and small tits produce low volumes of milk. Feed the baby.

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