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Abbi Secraa: Stunning Evening Dress Video

Prrrrr….or should that be…Grrrrrrr…both I think! This is super sexy Abbi Secraa in her latest video looking stunningly beautful and sexy in evening wear…

Abbi just gets better and better in her videos! This new one immediately conjures up fantasies of an evening dinner party were some ‘across the table flirting’ has led you to Abbi on the balcony were she captivates you completely…….your elaborations on this fantasy very welcome :-)

Get the full 280Mb video over at Abbi Secraa.

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7 Responses to “Abbi Secraa: Stunning Evening Dress Video”

  1. Charles Says:

    She’s so gorgeous! That is a narrow balcony and the only thing a man would be doing out there with her is hiking up that dress, pulling down the top, fucking her giant melons and giving her a creampie to remember!

  2. Dave Says:

    These videos are getting better, she’s becoming more playful and really seems to be enjoying herself. I’ll tell you, if I was with her she would never have to leave the party to get fresh air, I could keep her busy for years !

  3. Gary Says:

    There’s nothing better than a pair of big beautiful breasts elegantly and erotically filling out an evening dress. I’ve only seen it once or twice in real life and it floored me every time.

  4. Hugey Says:

    lol Charles, that’s definitely the no-nonsense, right down to business approach…

    I’m in full agreement Dave, since Abbi got her own website and started communicating directly with her fans she’s blossomed and is 10x sexier with it.

    Gary, I couldn’t put it any better – elegantly and eroticically filling out an evening dress. Pretty much the point where fashion + huge breasts reaches it’s zenith!

  5. Hugey Says:

    Perhaps this is a dinner party were Abbi has competition in the way of 1 or 2 other beautiful girls! Feeling restricted by how much flirting she can do at the dinner table, when Abbi sees you out on the balcony all alone, she decides to turn up her flirting a notch or two!

    By the time you return to the dinner table you’ve got the biggest and stupidest grin on your face, and are in a state (one helluva state) of breast induced euphoria…

    …..your plan worked perfectly :-)

  6. femsup Says:

    Ah twilight.You can still see but other senses come into play.Touch such soft heavy breasts.Smell, her perfume naturally made and applied.The sound of her breasts slapping together.Taste a hope for milk.

  7. J-MONEY Says:

    WOW!!! Those love pillows are nice, My kind of woman!!!!

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