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Abby Armshlong, Janeen Junkstuffer, & Porsha Peckerhard

The big femdom slongs just keep getting bigger and bigger over at Futanaria! This latest update includes new girl Abby Armshlong :-)

Abby is the cute blond with the huge power tool. Here’s a link to earlier futanaria posts for more femdom fun featuring Janeen Junkstuffer, Porsha Peckerhard and the rest of the girls.

All pics courtesy of Futanaria.

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11 Responses to “Abby Armshlong, Janeen Junkstuffer, & Porsha Peckerhard”

  1. femsup Says:

    Sorry but I seem to only see small undernorished people here with small or even tiny breasts.Possesing a penis does not make one dominant and possesing a fake plastic one even less so.

  2. clarity Says:

    There’s an astonishing amount of tranny porn online during the past decade, so there’s no doubt it’s popular. Futa feeds the safer, fantasy portion of this subsection. Last year I subscribed to Futanaria and was impressed with the amount of content on the site. The only thing that doesn’t happen with these dicks is that none of the futa-girls bang another girl in the vaj. Still, when these monster cocks blow, it’s a sight. What I want to know is: HOW DO THEY KEEP THEM ON WITHOUT STRAPS? I presume they’re inserted to hold them in place, but still, it’s an impressive technical accomplishment if nothing else.

    This shit turns me on. I don’t ask why; I just enjoy it.

  3. Anorei Says:

    Being bi, I can see why some would enjoy this, but it just doesn’t do much for me personally. Though the dark haired girl in the foreground of pic 1 is very very cute

  4. hugey Says:

    Yes, I can understand why it’s not everyones cup-of-tea! Thing is from the server logs I can see that the futanaria posts get lots and lots of visitors ;-)

    Anyway, in the absense of some +ve comments I’ll probably not do any more posts

  5. femsup Says:

    If its what turns you on hugey don’t stint yourself.Just make sure they are enormously breasted whilst playing with plastic penises.They look more comical than dominant/submissive.

  6. oslo Says:

    I think futa should be treated as a bit of fun really…not sure about the dom angle as most of the scenario’s are very girlie where the chicks compare their prosthetics

    I like this and I’m in the same boat as clarity….it works for me and am not too concerned why !! I always welcome posts reference this entertaining and pretty unique site

  7. Hugey Says:

    Clarity – I often wonder how they’re attached too. Don’t think it’s an insertion though. Maybe they’re real afterall :-)

    Lol Oslo – yes, there’s definitely a humour angle too with this unique site. Perhaps the Dom thing is just implied. Fersonally, I see this with the walking scenes where the girls strut around with there huge bobbing bits! This reminds me of other true Dom sites I’ve seen. In world full of formulaic glossy porn that lacks imagination, unique sites like Fut really stand out. The guys that make this site are really creative and deserve some recognition I think. Like Clarity says, the attachment alone must be a real challenge.

    Thanks for the +ve comments folks, that may have just secured some future updates :-)

  8. femsup Says:

    I hope you don’t have to change the title of the blog to Huge Heavy Breasts & Futa.Like I said if it floats your boat do it.But please can they have huge heavy breasts and not be the undernourished types shown in the latest pics.

    I too can get off on pics of males that have been modified to have breasts and still retain a penis being punished or kept chaste etc.I too can sometimes get a kick from seeing women with strap ons but in both cases its not often.I think submission need not have to involve the emascualtion of the male nor the masculination of the female.

  9. Mc Says:

    I think its a good site they should not change a thing. if u like, it like it, if you don’t then don’t. it’s not 4 everyone. They better not change a thing. just keep bringing in new women new scenes and new material. but keep the same themes and same ladys.

  10. Kevin Says:

    I don’t think they are fake. Can’t fake the third or fourth photo in this gallery: http://www.hermaphroditeheaven.com/dick-girls-pissing-cumming-hermaphrodite-watersports/ featuring Erica Erect

  11. Kevin Says:

    Abby Armshlong, Janeen Junkstuffer & Porsha Peckerhard supposed Porn Stars Aiden Starr (Abby Armshlong) Annabelle Lee (Janeen Junkstuffer) & Jude Indica (Porsha Peckerhard). None of them are confirming anything to do with Futanaria.com stuff on their official websites. Hmm???

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