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Alice 85JJ: 2nd Picture Set + Video

Good news! XX-Cel has just released a 2nd picture set and video of new model Alice 85JJ

I’m just downloading the 13 minute video from XX-Cel – huge file (400Mb) and it’s taking a while on my connection! It’s a video from the same shoot as Alice 85JJ Debut Pictures and this 2nd set of pictures.

Get the Full Hi-Res Picture Set and HD Video over at XX-Cel.

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12 Responses to “Alice 85JJ: 2nd Picture Set + Video”

  1. Jeff L Says:

    Heck, yes! This is a great set of Alice. What a fantastically busty body and cute smile she’s got. Wonderful.

    I tip my cap to XX-Cel for finding and photographing her. Would love to see her in a V-neck sweater with glasses and other outfits, though I’m sure sets like these are probably coming. Whatever she does, I’m sure it’ll make people smile.

    Thanks, Hugey!

  2. AUHSOJ Says:

    On this election day I vote for HUGEY! The tits on this woman are unreal. Look at how far they hang down the couch! I’m getting blue balls looking at her…I hope she sticks around for awhile.

  3. skoberti stef Says:

    really strange … i see pics on her site … and her breast is really small compare to this pics … she have a huge growth … or an injection of saline … her breast are not visualy very normal … seems sick or very sensitive skin … look abnornal to my eyes … lay down too firm … eagle eyes !!!

  4. Gaz Says:

    I love her tits. They’re f***ing incredible and they look all natural to me. Why speculate? Just enjoy the tits. I know I am!

    Good work, XX-Cel and Hugey.

  5. luvembig Says:

    These are some great photos of her. Man, I love Cel’s work. He is the best at making the girls look so natural and beautiful. I guess Alice is an escort in Germany. Would love to take a trip there and meet up with her. Would that be incredible, or what? Germany has some awesome huge breasted girls. Nadine Jansen, Chrissi, and Chloe Vevrier are just a few.

  6. skoberti stef Says:

    she become a huge breast like Kristina Milan since when … sorry much more bigger than Kristina Milan … but her breast look unreal boobs … she lives for exiting men for exchange of $$$ … but her breast look twice since few months … but you all really dont want to know … you want always bigger … and if she said is real you say … yes another Barbies with monster natural breast … Nadine or Chloe or Milena dont change in few months and dont look like that ( see her breast too firm and veanous ) … no way … she is unreal …

  7. jakemeister Says:

    Quite an ASTOUNDING example of what us who, prefer,enjoy,DEMAND…simply LOVE.Macromastia in ALL its GLORY,ALA Chesty Morgan ,who I’ve read described as “Grotesque”….IDIOTS..MORONS.Alices’ TITS are a true set of ICON status Blue veined with,those discolorations and NATURAL tell tale “Beauty marks” that only the LEGENDARY can claim.Very IMPRESSIVE,wish I had buisness,or a little time for a trip to Germany.A STAR is Born

  8. bigboobluva Says:

    look at how they hang over the couch.wow, thats hot. i need more of alice. next time,lets see her rubbing oil all over those huge breasts !!!

  9. LisaSuzanne Says:

    Just Incredible-
    Cannot wait to see more of Alice,
    those huge breasts are so hot.

    your Seattle shemale.. xoxo

  10. Ralph Says:

    She is gorgeous. Those tits are succulent!!

  11. jakemeister Says:

    Hopin she goes HARD CORE ,now THAT would be a site to behold/enjoy.GREAT set of HEAVY SAGGERS which as we ALL can agree,are just where it’s at when it comes to REAL,NATURAL, BIG boobs.Her aerolas are just awesome as well,as big as her FACE…DAMN!

  12. Femsup Says:

    What a sultry look she has.Love those eyes.I wonder about those veins and some raised areas. it could be Macromastia in which case its entirely beautiful.Just worried that those veins might mean a health rpoblem with blood flowing to her very beautifully shaped orbs.

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