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Alice 85JJ: New Pictures at DivineBreasts

More new pictures of hot new model Alice 85JJ. Just got an email from Divine Breasts with these new sample pictures…

After making her debut over at XX-Cel earlier this month (see those pictures here Alice 85JJ Debut Pictures and here Alice 85JJ: 2nd Picture Set + Video) there’s already quite a bit of buzz about this new model. Great to see that Alice is going to be working with more than one website! So, without further ado enjoy these pics from Divine Breasts

Get the Full Picture Set over at Divine Breasts.

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11 Responses to “Alice 85JJ: New Pictures at DivineBreasts”

  1. skoberti stef Says:

    What kind of zoom … the photographer use to grow the impression of very huge breast size … pics #9 and #10 seems more normal view …

  2. misterc Says:

    Very interesting analysis Stef.

  3. Breastaholic Says:

    Yeeeaaaah!!!!! Hell f-ing yeah!!! I love tight fitting shirts on big huge heavy tits! She fills it out with World Champ style. I swear she seems like she is nearly the size of Anorei/Lexi but doesn’t have half the fat. Yum!!

  4. skoberti stef Says:

    front view without zoom … the best pic for evaluation the size … some pics seems very huge … on other seems more realistic … what kind of pics do you preffer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ralph Says:

    She is really sweet looking! Without doubt

  6. AUHSOJ Says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph those are some glorious breasts! I hope she got paid handsomely, because those tits are pretty close to priceless!

  7. festive Says:

    Shes so pretty too. Those tits are lusciously huge!

  8. Femsup Says:

    Yes skoberti I notice the use of a fish eye lensse and the growth the camera imparts when parts are close to the camera.But I like the mix of unmodified and modified.Its infiniotely preferable to false breasts or morphing.

  9. photographer Says:

    Hello guys. I’m the one who shot these pictures and you are quite far off guys. No fish lens, no modifying or zooming. Regular camera with 17mm lens. Just wait and see the upcoming videos. You can see full body proportions there.

    btw Alice has the boobs are as big as e.g. Miosotis…

  10. Lars Sverkob Says:

    Imagine her in a video smothering a guy’s face deep in her cleavage. Talk about awesome

  11. Ralph Says:

    That last photo is mouthwatering. It really causes a stir in my pants

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