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Alice 85JJ: OMGBigBoobs Gallery Pics

Happy New Year! Best Wishes for 2013, I hope it’s a good one for you. It kick off 2013 here’s some more Alice 85JJ Gallery Pics from new website OMGBigBoobs

Happy New Year 2013!

In case you missed my last post, if you’re already a member of Divine Breasts then you can get access to OMGBigBoobs at a discounted price. Here’s some more sample galleries from OMG for you to look at: Anika Q Cup gallery 1, Anika Q Cup gallery 2.

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11 Responses to “Alice 85JJ: OMGBigBoobs Gallery Pics”

  1. fenderman31 Says:

    How fun it would be to just play with those huge things!!!….she is just total titfuck heaven…the Holy Grail of tittyfucking perfection!!!

  2. lisasuzanne Says:

    OMG is right..
    Wondering how those JJ cup breast even
    stay in Alice’s top.
    What incredible breasts… love big areolas.

    your Seattle shemale xoxo

  3. tuggerjb Says:

    You know you’ve got some big ass tits when you can hold your arms over your head and your tits still hang to your bellybutton! Damn they look good in that sheer white top!

  4. skoberti stef Says:

    I really think she have implant … i see pics in her German Website and her breast is much smaller … and see her right breast areola , not regular … strange line contour … its my opinion !!!

  5. LuvBigTitties Says:

    I’d love to see her walk and jiggle those things! Would love to fondle and suck them.

  6. titlovinlesbo Says:

    Me too

  7. Femsup Says:

    The big pic is my favourite of this selection too.Unusual to see them squeezed together like this and clothed too.Lovely.

  8. Femsup Says:

    skoberti stef I applaud you policing this site and wanting only natural huge breasts but I think that she is the owner of breasts affected by macromastia and not implants.

  9. LuvBigTitties Says:

    Hi TitLovinLesbo (TLL?),

    I’d love to chat with you regarding our mutual admiration for huge, heavy-breasted women! Mine is more like an obsession. Anywho…I don’t know if there is a “private chat” feature on this site, or not. If not, I guess you can hit me back here on this comment thread if you happen to see it, and if you’re interested. Ciao!

  10. dieter werner Says:

    Hallo Alice,
    hier ist dieter aus wiesbaden germany.Meld dich dochmal bei mir.Ich habe viel zu erzählen.

    Mit besten Grüßen aus Wiesbaden


  11. Bex34h Says:

    If you think those are implants no way my love , implants never hang down she has huge soft saggy tits , think that’s the second comment I’ve read about you thinking they had implants , as a huge breasted woman myself I can always tell , have confidence she is definitely natural , there are lots of reasons why breasts get bigger we do usually have one bigger than the other and nipples can alter due to things as well but seriously how can you say they are implants

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