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Amateur Girlfriends: Big Bedroom Breasts

I said I had some more Amateur Girlfriends‘s for you, so here goes with a plump helping for the weekend…

These are some pics that caught my eye from recently added galleries over at My Big Ex-Girlfriend. They’ve got a nice plump archive over there now and are adding good volume in terms of number of pics and size of GFs!

All pics courtesy of My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

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13 Responses to “Amateur Girlfriends: Big Bedroom Breasts”

  1. Sean Says:

    ‘kin hell, this last pic of the afro-woman…my goodness that’s a lovely set of the finest breast

  2. Sean Says:

    Come to think of it, she looks a bit like Cheron WITH the face !

  3. Hugey Says:

    Sean…can see what you mean with the Cheron resemblance! Perhaps an early Cheron pic when she was a little plumper but still with a bit of growing on top to do!!

    Need to keep an eye out for any Cheron pics that surface, taken in that bathroom with those tiles in the background!!

  4. TuggerJB Says:

    I just love the candid photos from My Big Ex-Girlfriend! There are so many large breasted women out in the world who don’t do this for a living. This website gives us a chance to check them out in all their big titted glory lol. That young lady in the last pic definitely would have a very promising future in the industry if she chose to. I mean just look at the overall size and fullness of her breasts! Not to mention, that sexy look on her gorgeous face! I would love to be her man and her agent! Although, the young lady cupping her humongous hangers, may have something to say about that lol!

  5. Sean Says:

    The only thing with amateur girlfriends is the fact that one always wants more !! The last pic is a point in question as I wouldn’t mind seeing a whole set of that lovely uuh…set ! Not complaining though ! One pic is better than no pic !

  6. Tony Says:

    I think you are all missing the diamond in the ruff.

  7. hugey Says:

    Tony – Which one is your rough diamond?

  8. hugey Says:

    Sean, Tugger – in agreement with both of you: you’re appetite is never quite satisfied with GF pics is it.

    Talking of amateurs, I saw this increidble jaw-dropping girl over weekend. It was in a supermarket, probably the best sighting I’ve persnally ever seen – talk about weak knees & huge-breast-adrenalin when I saw her. She must have been in her early twenties, white girl with enormously big and volumous breasts. Wearing a blue t-shirt with a plunging cleavage. You could kind of make out her huge power-structure bra underneath it. The kind of girl you could just look at all day, every day. MAN….what I’d do to have a folder full of candids of that girl. Just incredible!!

  9. luvembig Says:

    hugey, I like your style. Isn’t that the best when you see the huge breasted lovelies in the real world just doin’ what they do? I get the same reaction, weak knees, adrenalin rush. Sometimes even droolin’ at the mouth, and just can’t stop staring. Haven’t been slapped or had the cops called yet, so I guess that’s all good.

  10. hugey Says:

    Lol Luvembig, yeah pretty much sums up my experience and reactions too.

    There’s times when you just can’t walk away! You know that such sightings are rare and need to be savoured so you’re willing to go the extra mile to get every last bit of viewing pleasure :-)

  11. femsup Says:

    So pleased for you Hugey.Know full well that feeling of elation at seeing someone so beautiful and big.

    The sleeping lass would appear to have no agenda or artifice she is natural and lovely.Sorry to see the 4th girl and 6th are ex girlfreinds as the former looks to have milky breasts and the latter certainly does.They may not have kids but just be lactating.

    the 6ths breasts are absolutely huge.I love the play fo the water droplets on her.Pic 7 has a gorgeous face and she looks like she is getting ready to go out and dance and enjoy herself.

    Pic 8 looks like she already is at a club dancing.The chain in the background gives a little wonder as to what type of club which makes it all the sexier and the fact that she is in her underwear.

    the 7th pic I though was of a changing room in an apartment wiht lots of womens clothes all equally big.However they are so similar in size and style they are likely all owned by the poser.They look quite flimsy and diaphaneous so I would say that she likes to show off her upper body.There seem to be an awful lot of them too so she knows the allure of her bust which may be her best physical feature.

    TuggerJB makes a very cogent point.The person holding the breasts may be just a freind but the sexuality on the face of the wonderful gorgeous looking woman points perhaps to her being her girlfreind.I agree also they are so full and round and weighty.

  12. femsup Says:

    Love the way the tit is forced under the arm in the big picture.The breast is so firm it pushes the arm up!

  13. ria Says:

    So,suckable, heavenly… why can’t dreams come true?
    feeling very horny,

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