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Amateur girlfriends with large breasts

Some nice shots from My Big Ex-Girlfriend for you today…

All pics courtesy of My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

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10 Responses to “Amateur girlfriends with large breasts”

  1. femsup Says:

    I like pic 2 as it looks a bit like a evry hot mum with her two daughters who are all comfortable with being very sexual and sensual.Look at how short those skirts are of the daughters.

    They can look forward to filling out and being like their mum in future.

  2. femsup Says:

    Pictures 3 and 4 have a similarity in top in that there is a panel at the front blocking off part of the cleavage.Leads one to fantasise about that panel not being there and how much of that cavernous cleavage would be exposed.

    the woman on the reight has a particualrly lovely face and smile.

  3. femsup Says:

    Can those breasts be so big on so thin a woman in 5,6 & 7?Can you just imagine how that chest would move and heave when she danced?

    So veluptious and statuescue in pic 8 and love 10.Can imagine her saying “hurry up I have a bra fitting at 2 and we are late.”

    Pic 11 may not have huge boobs but she does have a lovely bottom and pussy and star.

    Pic 12 seems only a teenager so has plenty of time to grow even bigger.Hope she gives up smoking as it stunt the growth and we want her to grow especially in the chest dept.

    Really dislike pic and video 13 unlucky for some.Thats unlucky for us and her.She is not even big and to be treated with such disrespect and contempt looks horrible and ugly and degraded poor woman.

  4. hugey Says:

    Thanks Fem for providing the moral compass for HHB :-)
    Thought twice about posting that video and pic – in hindsight not right for this site, so decided to remove them.

  5. hugey Says:

    Yes, pic 2, definitely a yummy mummy. Her huge motherly breasts quietly match the short sexy dresses of the daughters.

    Pic 3 and 4 have got volume and weight. Love that Pic 3 is wearing a belt too adding further definition and protrusion of her large full breasts – she’s no novice!

  6. hugey Says:

    5,6,7 girl kind of reminds me of TW Girl.

    Plump sauna girl in pic 8 has a lovely body. Perhaps not that large up top but love her overall proportions. Gorgeous soft looking thighs and tummy

    pic 9 is trying desparately to grow her breasts. After seeing Anorei’s pics here at HHB she now feels terribly inadequate. She found some breast enlarging techniques while googling “please help make my breasts larger”. She need to be more patient!

    Lol – pic 10 “hurry up”.

    pic 11 is a spectacular amateur view. Granted, not huge breasts but an inviting rear view!

    pic 12 I’m sure will (has) blosom(ed). Already very heavy looking up top and time on her side…

  7. femsup Says:

    Thanks Hugey for removing 13.Who is TW Girl?Is it just the face or does she have an equally top heavy bod.3 & 4 certainly do have volume and wieght and you are so perceptive about the belt I hadn’t noticed but you are right she is no novice when it comes to showing of her assets.

    Very good about No 9 wanting to grow larger breasts and trying every technique possible to assuage her inferiority complex.More food usually helps.

    I do love 11 such beauty there even if not big and glad you included her.And 12 has a bright future in front of her just under her chin in fact.

  8. hugey Says:

    Hey Fem, if you haven’t seen TW Girl before then boy are you in for a treat :-)

    TW Girl was the first girl I posted about here on HHB. The full archive of all her 200+ pics are right here at Huge Heavy Breasts.

    Get yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy:

    TW Girl Intro
    TW Girl Gallery 1
    TW Girl Gallery 2
    TW Girl Gallery 3
    TW Girl Gallery 4
    TW Girl video montage

  9. femsup Says:

    Agree with you there is a resemblance even in the size and shape of breasts.

  10. Kyle Smith Says:

    Photo 8 is amazing. The woman on the left is perfect. She is a thick sexy woman with full lips and knows a glass always tops off the night. She is a real woman and I would love to please her in ever way.

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