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Amateur Girls with Mighty Breasts

It’s been a while since I did an Amateur Girlfriends update so here goes. Some pics of amateur girls with mighty low hanging breasts.

These are similar pics to the ones you find at My Big Ex-Girlfriend. I collected these from various browsing here and there.

You can get lots of pics like the above at My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

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15 Responses to “Amateur Girls with Mighty Breasts”

  1. clarity Says:


    Tittays in the wild.

  2. Tony Says:

    ^ Agreed!!!

    Amazing to get a glimpse of these big-breast goddesses who don’t post/model their gifts!

  3. festive Says:

    pic 2 at the radio station is one of my friends on fb. She is married, that’s one lucky guy to sleep with those fun bags every night.

  4. luvembig Says:

    Agreed that this is a great post, hugey. I love seeing the amateurs. Would love to see more posts like this in the future.

  5. hoopla Says:

    #2 is my fav. Also:

  6. hugey Says:

    Nice share Hoopla – she’s awesome!

  7. clarity Says:

    More here:

  8. handman Says:

    Isn’t the girl in pic#1 (with the striped dress) and the girl photographing herself in pic#6 the same girl?

    Well worth a look in any case (dressed or undressed).

  9. Tony Says:

    @ handman – no, the lips are waaaay off. If you were to ask me, i’d say the girl in pic 6 is not Caucasian but a light skinned “black” woman.

  10. Gaz Says:

    “Titties in the wild” lol.

    Some fine specimens there, particulerly the last girl. Been looking for her after stumbling across her pictures a while ago.

    Everyone should also check out “Mara – macromastia wonder” – a pretty girl-next-door with lovely, huge, fullsome tits.

  11. Tim Edwards Says:

    I agree, Gaz, the last girl is stunning. Would love to find out more about her – did you have any luck?

    Hugey – where did you find her?

  12. Gaz Says:

    Tim, google “my macromastic girlfriend Deda”. That should yield some results and get you started.

    I haven’t seen any other photos besides the ones shown here. Shame, I’d love to see her in a variety of outfits, lingerie, heels etc, showcasing those fabulous funbags.

  13. Hugey Says:

    Likewise Gaz, these are the only pics I’ve seen of this incredible girl. She’s definitely my fav from above. Wow, what a thought, seeing her heavy curves up on high heels!!

    Can you image watching and listening to her walking towards you on a wooden floor on high heels…..in the said lingerie and/or outfits….DAMN!!!!!

  14. Femsup Says:

    Yes what fabulous women and their fabulous chests in this posting.Where to start? I am very pleased to have recognised the slightly different lines of the last lass as being macromastia.The slight look of scaring and the descending outline has an unusual kink in it.

    She looks absolutely wonderful and is clearly happy with her so called “condition”.If only more women with this so called “desease” were to be so at home with themselves.

    The radio DJ an journalist pictured in the second msll pic and by hoopla has had a sympathetic enlargement.Although she is famous she clearly does not need it for radio.She has decided that it augments her personality and gives her a more powerful and dominating prescence.What a beautiful face she has.Don’t normally like unaturally enlarged but she is a rare exception.

    The woman in the third small pic just blows my mind.The black material is also on the verge of being translucent.A Goddess like several of the others.

    The woman in white just goes to show ho whuge breasts can make someone look older and mor emature than her colleagues.Bet she looks younger than her years when she gets older too.

    The first woman in the mirror has such outstanding girth but I find her aerolea to small for my liking.

    The second mirrored pic just goes to demonstrate how difficult it is to ctegorize huge breasts at times.Has she bowling ball type breasts ala her brast without an elbow next to it or like the other one more tubular and heavy all the way doen from the neck of the breast.Either way she is beautifully shaped.

    Thanks again Hugey for such a good choice of huge breasted women.

  15. Femsup Says:

    Hugey another great thing about this posting is that it put me onto voyeurweb.com and macromastia blog.In the latter the most wonderful looking and hugely breasted Venus can be found.And what a find.

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