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Amateur Matilda’s big heavy ones

Check out this amateur girlfriend. I think her name is Matilda but I’m not 100% sure. This is one Matilda I’d love to waltz with ;-)


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7 Responses to “Amateur Matilda’s big heavy ones”

  1. femsup Says:

    Though I have some disquiet about the biker fraternity and their often sexist opinions Ihave to admit that it is the right of submissive women everywhere to chose how they live.

    One big positve of these “biker chicks” is that they are at ease with “Top Freedom”.This is the philosophy that women should be able to go without clothes on the upper pt of their body should they so chose as can men.

    Would we all here be so fascinated by huge breasts if they were on view more often I don’t know.Breasts are after all their primarily for feeding children.

    Having said that there is a burgeoning ANR or ABF that is Adult Nurturing Relationship and Adult Breast Feeding in which the (almost exclusively female) members feed men and women their breast milk as a part of a loving close relationship.

    To me my fascination with S & M,Big Beautiful Women, ABF/ANR& Top Freedom all come together and a site like this has its part to play in furthering the love we have for our big chested sisters.

  2. Jeff L Says:

    Whoa, Matilda!


  3. Rey Says:

    I love this woman boobs!!! Did guys think this is the same Matilda that are in this picture? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8cyuw_macromastiaobsessionblogspotcom_sexy. I would like to see more pics of Matilda.

  4. hugey Says:

    Hey Rey,

    Yes, looks very much like her. What a gorgeous girl she is. Love that video..so sexy. Might do a post with it

  5. Mo Says:

    God..what huge naturals. Man would I like to climb her and her mountains :)

  6. carl Bennett Says:

    Yup Thats our Matilda W. She was casting for a movie…

  7. tony Says:

    I just recently seen this entire video, great stuff!

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