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Amateurs With Heavy Hangers

Got some Amateurs with Heavy Hangers for you to enjoy over the weekend. Heavy hangers in t-shirts, sweaters, blouses and bras.

I particularly like this girl at the top for overall plumpness, and boy does she have an amazing looking pair of heavy hangers inside that t-shirt.

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5 Responses to “Amateurs With Heavy Hangers”

  1. misterc Says:

    I can’t place the superb set just above the, “Want to Watch Girls Like this Live?” banner, but the way the breasts stretch that brown & green sweater combined with the overall shape is just spectacular. Damn even the breasts compared to the waist & & hips just visible in those tight jeans is some serious abrupt curves.

    Just fantastic, period

  2. Hugey Says:

    MisterC – I’m with you on that one. Not sure who she is either but, boy-oh-boy-oh-boy would I love to do a hand-survey on those huge heavy hangers.

  3. Jeff L Says:

    Excellent post, Hugey! I admire the jaw-dropping curves these women so casually possess. Blessed with such hugeness, they must chuckle as they stroll around doing “normal” things every day.

    The three inhabiting the bottom row are my favorites. Hard to pick a frontrunner, definitely, but for sheer size and “oh, hell yeah!” shape, the sistah in sunglasses talking on her phone out back of what looks like her workplace takes the cake. That girl’s got straight-up hoo-boy thickness.

    I’d probably stumble a few steps if I saw her in real life.

    And the same would probably happen if I saw the smiling girl in pink next to her.

    Thanks again!

  4. Ralph Says:

    Agreed misterC!! Those boobs are doing some serious stretching of that fabric which in turn is seriously stretching the fabric in my pants

  5. Ralph Says:

    Man the torpedos!!

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