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Amateurs with Huge Low Hangers

Got some more Amateur Girlfriends for you today! This time with Huge Low Hangers

I saw a few of these pics over at My Big Ex-Girlfriend and a few others from various forum browsing sessions. Enjoy :)

You can get lots of pics like the above at My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

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35 Responses to “Amateurs with Huge Low Hangers”

  1. clarity Says:

    Don’t ya know that probably every one of these gals say, “I don’t like for a guy to focus on my breasts,” or some crazy line like that?! That’s like having a thick 10-inch cock and telling the girls, “I don’t like girls who just want to see what it’s like to fuck a big dick.”

  2. J-MONEY Says:

    The one with the white t-shirt in the top middle pic is a woman I did several photoshoots with while working as a photographer for blackamateurboobs.com & bodaciousblacks.com.

    She’s a freak and loves to get those big tits fucked and glazed with a hot load!!

    I still have the photos and with the one posted here is how I’ve found her and had to take her photo without her permission while walking down the street so she would talk with me.

  3. Bobs_Your_Uncle Says:

    The one with the white t-shirt in the top middle pic is a woman that has some sweet looking figure. I certainly would love to lay a hot load on those gorgeous tatas

  4. Bobs_Your_Uncle Says:

    Damn almost all of those amateurs have crazy figures.

  5. clarity Says:

    You [lucky] bastard!

  6. luvembig Says:

    Great post Hugey. 7, 8, and 9 are makin’ me craaazy! That look that 9 is giving makes me weak in the knees and those boobs look awesome. 7 is so cute with my ideal body type. 8 has a killer bod too. All curves! 9 looks familiar. Anybody seen her on any other sites?

  7. festive Says:

    I know the girl in pic 6, we dated a few times. Sweet lady she is, from CT.

  8. Bigtitsnews Says:

    They all look sort of shy for thier “things”. That makes them sexier. The first one is impressive. thx

  9. J-MONEY Says:

    @ clarity:
    Thank you, thank you very much.

  10. tuggerjb Says:

    These women have some of the most awesome Rubenesque figures I have ever seen! Killer curves that would make a rollercoaster jealous lol! If only the sample pictures were bigger.

  11. juggalicous Says:

    The featured pic is of a girl who posted on thebreastfiles.com She went by the name of Jcupvixen. Posted some vids and vanished quickly. Might have been my all time favorite.

  12. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    THAT’S RIGHT!!! Jcupvixen! Couldnt remember her handle. She was a pretty big deal about 2 years ago. A few photos and vids were around on the interwebs and then, it was over. Wow. Kind of a shame as she had potential. Hey, J-Dollars, does Rex Walters still have those websites? Seems like they havent had updates in over a year.

  13. J-MONEY Says:

    I have no idea what happen to Rex or the sites. I haven’t been able to reach him by phone or email because I’ve got so much material for him from the first two models ever for bodaciousblacks.com Lady Entice 48E & Ms Liippss and other models that are so hot it will keep cocks hard for an entire day without the blue pill the big “V”.

    I may just start my own big tit site!!!

  14. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Thanx 4 your response “J”! Rex had a pretty good thing going, like the guys at “blacknplenty”, another site that went under. Cool if you start your own site! I think mskottonkandy might be the last of the black big tit sites. Be sure to give the heads up so I can throw you some support, as I’m always lurking around! Good luck!!

  15. Femsup Says:

    The eigth pic is almsot certainly from a Flikr group.She post numerous pics to get comments which she only occasionally replies to.All the pics here are just impossibly beautiful and sexy.

    Thanks hugey once again for a great post.

  16. Hugey Says:

    Thanks for all the great comments on this one! Especially identifying JCupVixen – she’s got sensational breasts: big, soft, long, heavy and sexy. Found a video of her here:

  17. Hugey Says:

    Wow J-Money – I can only echo what Clarity said!! Lucky *****rd! She looks impossibly curvy in that t-shirt. And knowing that she’s kinky with it puts her off-the-scale-sexy!!

  18. J-MONEY Says:

    Hugey, She was shy at first but once I finished letting her know what I was trying to do, all of the freak came out and she is truly one nasty & slutty woman who enjoys cock in every hole but loves to watch a man enjoy her huge tits while tit fucking her with her prize of a big load all over them.

    I sure had fun with her in our 12 sessions and as soon as I find her photos I’ll post them with a link to download for those who are interested.

  19. Hugey Says:

    hehe…got to hand it to you J-Money, you’re the man on this one! That girl is absolutely smokin hot looking like that.

    Love it when girls get “turned on” watching a guy getting “turned on”. It’s an infinite feedback loop that always ends in a dirty crescendo.

    Holy cr*p! 12 hour sessions! Would love to see more if you find those pics…

  20. luvembig Says:

    Thanks for the link to the JCupVixen video, Hugey. She is sweet! I’ve got to see more of this incredible woman!

  21. J-MONEY Says:

    No Hugey 12 different sessions not 12 hours! Thoses days are long gone for me my friend for today a big tit woman who allows me to do whatever to her would get my best 4 to 6 hours if I don’t have a heart attack from the excitement of fucking those juggs…LOL I’m getting up there in age and my AARP card is in the mail…LOL

  22. josh Says:

    J-Money your a beast for handling those juggs! AARP card is hilarious!

  23. J-MONEY Says:

    Here’s two of many photos I’ve shot with the one we should all call Lexi. Note: She wanted to get her hair done so I could mess it up..LOL..and those massive tits! I had so much fun with her!!!


    Photos taken with one of the first digital cameras, Sony Mavica that took a 3 1/2 floppy disc that had to be installed on the side and could take 15 to 20 photos at a time or a 15 second video.

    I still have them but since transfered the all photos to DVDs as data files for my collection.

  24. J-MONEY Says:

    Lexi’s photos posted!!!

  25. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Hey J-Moolah! I remember this girl! Some of these photos ended up in a layout in “Juggs” magazine about 8 yrs ago! It was “Lexi”, another chick named “Lola”, and one more whose name escapes me at this time. Wow, she was quite the catch! Good 4 U my fren! NICE!

  26. Hugey Says:

    J-Money – She looks really game!! Great story, thanks for sharing bro! She looks and sounds like a lot of fun. And by the sounds of it you got yourself a proper huge titty collection there :)

    It’s funny to think that you only got a few pics on your 3 and 1/2in floppy and nowadays you can get hundreds of hi-res pics of a flash card the size of a stamp!


    Should have taken a better picture of the BLACK WOMAN!!! I’m ready to become a fish on those heavy hitters and go for the “Homerun” with tongue and big rock —Chicago!

  28. puppy Says:

    The girl on the left first row in the tan sweater is a morph. I have the video and she is no where near that big.

  29. Jack Says:

    Lexi is hot J-Money very hot, man you must of had a goooood time!!Can we see more her with videos included!

  30. Simon Says:

    Amateur #8 is a northern California escort that has gone by the name of Bria Bleu. She usually has an ad posted at myredbook.com. For a while, she also had two websites, briableu.com and briableuxxx.com, that had a few pictures.

  31. da_hulk Says:

    luv them melons!!

  32. Patch Says:

    Is it just me or does #1 look a lot like the famed TWGirl?

  33. Hugey Says:

    Patch – Good call! That hadn’t occurred to me. She’s certainly got a similar body type and proportions. Interesting…

  34. boobula Says:

    Shirt looks morphed, but even if it isn’t, the face and hair definitely look like an early Velba, especially the garden gnome nose

  35. boobula Says:

    also the words on the chart behind her are german

    milchspeise= pudding
    joghurtein= yogurt
    eisgetranke= slush

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