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Ana: Tight T-Shirt and Stiff Nipples

Another great update from Silicone Free with Ana (aka Ginger) sporting a tight red-t-shirt without a bra.

I love the sight of Ana’s stiff nipples protruding through her red t-shirt. Love the casual feel of this shoot – I can easily imagine Ana relaxing at home dressed like this!

All pics courtesy of Silicone Free.

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9 Responses to “Ana: Tight T-Shirt and Stiff Nipples”

  1. SueBB Says:

    Oh wow…..she ahs always been attractive to me since she does’t try for the glamour and is so naturally cute, also it doesn’t hurt that is naturally so lusciously endowed!
    This is by far and way her best pic sesson. She looks fabulous braless in that red top and out of it! the last pic I take personal in a very good way….mmmmmm.
    Hugey thx if this is your doing she could certainly undo me!

  2. SueBB Says:

    Sorry for the misspells it’s all her fault….lol

  3. Tony Says:

    Love pic 2 – seriously – it’s above the rest

  4. Dave Says:

    These are great shots, Hugey. Every model should feature this outfit and pose as reference. Abbi, are you reading ???

  5. Hugey Says:

    Lol Dave – great idea! “The Tight Red T-shirt No-Bra Test”. Loving that idea. Kind of like a standard measure :-)

    SueBB – yes, I agree that it’s one of Ana’s best. I think she looks more youthful in this set, due to the outfit. Lol, the misspellings, kind of got me jumpy too :)

  6. genthore Says:

    Thank You for posting these – if there was any doubt which big titted milf was the queeen- this set should end that discussion.
    I would crawl ten miles over broken glass and alcohol to hear her piss in a can over the phone

  7. SueBB Says:

    I had to come back and revisit this “set” again….I have to also agree with Tony Pic 2 is extremely special as well. However, I happen to really love the look of Ana’ breasts with no restictions they are truly gorgeous.
    Hugey, go on keep teasing me….I mean really keep on doing it and doing it! LOL

  8. luvembig Says:

    These really are some awesome pictures of Ana. As if it were possible to have any bad ones. I agree that she looks more youthful and playful in these pics. Really like 1, 2, and 3. Love her smile in # 3. Love the kiss she’s giving in # 8, too! I really have a soft, or should I say hard spot, for her.

  9. Krille Says:

    Helt fel frissa:P

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