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Anorei Collins: Beautiful and Pregnant

What a year 2010 has been for Anorei Collins! Coming from a literally nowhere to becoming one of the most recognisable and biggest stars in the world of boobs!

anorei collins mm cup bra

Thanks to Ogdru for giving us the heads up on Anorei’s exciting news. Yes, in case you haven’t already heard already, Anorei is pregnant. Best Wishes Ano, hope everything is going well and looking forward to seeing those big full curves swell in 2011 :-)

Get all the latest news over at AnoreiCollins.com and via Anorei’s Tweets.

anorei collins large pregnant titsanorei collins large pregnant titsanorei collins large pregnant tits

anorei collins large pregnant titsanorei collins large pregnant tits

As well as this great new pic set there’s also another new 416mb HD video entitled POV Breast Play.

anorei collins large mm cup bra
You can watch the full HD Video over at AnoreiCollins.com

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10 Responses to “Anorei Collins: Beautiful and Pregnant”

  1. Tony Says:

    These are going to be the TITS of the Century!!! :)

  2. femsup Says:

    I think we will certainly look back and see that Anorei could be the face and breasts of the 10′s.So happy and at the same time woried for her during her prgnancy for a host of reasons.

    The changes in her life may be profound.One thing sis almost certain she will enjoy the experience of lactating and all the joy that brings.

  3. femsup Says:

    I love all the pics but the 5th small one has a certain something to it. She is unholstering her huge heavy breasts and the left breast is entirely free.Firstly its great to see the scale and enormity of her colossal breasts given scale by tha elbow and arm.Imagine that arm is of a fat woman yet it is dwarfed by her huge orb.

    What is great to is the starkness of the light in the picture.No sosft foucs here but magnificent beauty.You can see every pore of her breast and belly and every striation from the indentation of her boulder holder.

    It could be the moon encelydus which I think is the one with all the ice crust covered in striations.Her breasts are colossal her personality and intelligence and beauty of face and breast equally so.

  4. luvembig Says:

    Wow!!! Great news! Congrats Anorei! Can’t wait to see all the great pics and clips to come. You are going to be more beautiful than ever, if that’s possible. Keep us posted, Hugey.

  5. stefanny Says:

    great ! for me when i was pregnant i change a lot … 38 F to 40 K … and i stay 40 K measure after … and dont forget … breast feeding its great but after the size going down … if you want dont loose your size … dont breastfeed … its not my opinion but its the opinion of the doctor …

  6. femsup Says:

    But to lose the connectedness with ones child or partner and to not feel what is right that feeling of milk heavy in one is something not to be missed I have heard.

  7. Obsessed Stalker Says:

    You guys know she’s already had a kid don’t you? I can’t wait to see how saggy they get now

  8. stefanny Says:

    she is simply gorgeous … huge body and two very very very huge boobs … and after the pregnancy … you can see the biggest breast in the industries … trust me and my experience … Anorei will become THE queen of huge breast … the next milionnaire of huge breast … the revelation … she is smart and beautiful before the breast size !

  9. stefanny Says:

    Pics 1 -2-3-4 … lay down on the sofa … simply irressistible for me … to open is legs and eat … self service … bye !

  10. jakemeister Says:

    She is poised to be THIS decades stunner,pretty face,got some serious backside,massive natural sagging tits,topped off by an unapolegetic proportion of flabby tummy.In other words,she’s awesome,but if she keeps shootin kids out I fear her path to legend status could derail to “trailer park”has been.I hope that doesn’t occur,she IS young,be a shame to not fully realise ALL that magnificent beauty.Sapphire this past decades TIT QUEEN,had a big time increase in size,always showin signs of stretch marks on her belly even when she was thinner.I wonder if she has kids as well,signs would indicate that would be a yes,but never talked about,I know Maria Moore’s a mom…twice.

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