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Anorei Collins in a Bullet Bra!!

HOLY SHIT!! Sorry for the obscenity but there’s not many things that get me more excited than HUGE TITS in a BULLET BRA. That’s exactly what’s in store with this new updates from Anorei Collins.

Huge 40NN tits in a pointy bullet bra! Let me say that again “Hu…HU….HUUGE 40NN TITS in a POINTY BULLET BRA”…ok, I need to lie down now

A couple of great looking movie updates too…

All pics courtesy of Anorei Collins.

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21 Responses to “Anorei Collins in a Bullet Bra!!”

  1. femsup Says:

    Hard to beat the concept of a bullet bra.Its there to make the contents very noticeable and gives them direction and strength.Its also a bit uncomfortable for the wearer with her breasts more coralled even then normal.The wearer is almost always in more discomfort even more so than a corset.

    Bullet bra wearers are martyrs to breasts.

  2. Bingaji Says:

    I just paid the big bucks to join and what a disapointment! ! I joined just to see the MM cup bullet bra, and there is not one shot of her wearing just the bra, IN ALL THE SHOTS SHE IS WEARING A SHIRT ….. I’m not kidding ! How can she do that and expect to get away with it… I plan to end my subscription the same day I started it…… shame on her for misleading people ….. show us the bra or I’m gone!!!!!

  3. Jeff L Says:

    No worries about the “obscenity,” Hugey. We’re all thinking the same thing seeing Ms. Collins in these new photos!

    And if you’re reading this, Anorei — my compliments.

    Glad you got to take that fantastic body of yours out for a swim!
    Just wondering, though: since it’s now spring and the sun is shining, any plans for a good ole’ bikini shoot?

  4. jerry Says:

    I joined her site and its rather bare bones. She had more videos on cinemajuggs for free!

    Crappy site and a major let down…I was psyched to join originally and couldn’t wait.

    Major content let-down.

  5. Anorei Says:

    Bingaji, the bra comes out in the video, the video comes out next week. Sorry doll. PLEASE- don’t think that’s the last time you’ll see a bullet bra on my site! lol, we’ve got several of them to try on and play around with!
    Have patience, please. The weekly cam show is today at 1pm PST as well.

    Our site will be going through a redesign soon which should make things a bit cleaner and more uniform as well.

    And yes Jeff, hehe- there are plans for several bikini shots =) Now I just have to find a bikini that will cover my nipples! hehe

  6. Hugey Says:

    Bingaji and Jerry – Be fair guys!! Anorei’s site is only a few months old. Anorei has worked so hard to get this site off the ground and deserves our support! The content so far is excelllent and is getting better all the time.

    Great to hear there’s more bullet bras in your underwear drawer Anorei :-)
    Can’t wait to see them

  7. Bingaji Says:

    Anorei ; Goddess just came out with a new bra Jayne 6002 it go’s up to a N cup the biggest cup size in a standard noncustom bra. Bullet bras are great but dont lead people into thinking they are going to see something and then wear a shirt and never take it off during the shoot. Please show the wide back band with all the hooks. I would rather see move photos and less videos. Thanks for your reply…..

  8. Anorei Says:

    Bingaji, I promise you’ll like what’s in store coming soon =)

  9. clarity Says:

    I’m still waiting for Anorei’s content to pick up and fill out. One update per 7-10 days is not enough to pay $30 for. The site should have started with at least 20-25 full photo sets.

    Anorei, I hope you know how it’s done. Plan your photo sessions, collect your outfits, and take at least a dozen sets of 100 photos each (from which you can select the best 60). Do this twice a month for the first year to build content quickly. Never leave the clothes on past the 5th picture (use outtakes if you want more), as subscribers aren’t paying for the clothes, but for your world class *genetic* talents.

    We love you, doll. You’re on your way!

  10. Anorei Says:

    I have a lot of fans and fetishes to cater to. Some guys like naked tits, some guys like fully clothed sets, some guys like bras, some guys like fat belly, and some guys like fetish. I have to do sets for everyone and I can’t please everyone in every set. Just because THIS set has clothes the whole way through doesn’t mean my next set won’t be totally nude. Content production is going swimmingly, we’re shooting plenty, but everything else takes a lot of time and energy and Liana is the only one doing it for right now. =/

  11. femsup Says:

    For someone as beautiful as you Anorei I would be prepard to stick with you through thick and thin.You are right for every person who likes to mostly see nudity there are those who love to see clothes.

    Knowing as we do your penchant for various kinky things you can kill two birds with one stone and enjoy the bondage or whatever as well as wowing us.

    You are going to be so famous and its a bit churlish to carp.But i know you will take positives from some of the criticisms.

  12. ddr5000 Says:

    I love to see Anorei in a t-shirt. She doesn’t do that enough for me. Especially the green Ireland shirt.

  13. Hugey Says:

    Clarity – we agree on many things but i’ve got to disagree with one of you’re points above: getting naked in the 5th pic! In a 60 pic set, i’d rather see 55 clothed, semi-clothed pics then 5 naked pics rather than the other way around.

    Huge breasted girls fully clothed and partially clothed are so so sexy and it drives me insane when i see so many sites with great models / sets wasting the opportunity to get great clothed and partially clothed pics. Perhaps they do shoot them but they never seem to publish them.

  14. Handman Says:

    It may be a bullett bra, but they look more like torpedoes! ;>)

  15. festive Says:

    I agree with ddr500, seeing Anorei in regular ol’ T-shirts is so hot. Plus shes such a pretty gal, I enjoy her pix immensely. Good luck with your site Anorei

  16. Hugey Says:

    Lol Handyman, yes i’d love to see a specially made Goddess “Missile Bra” or “Torpedo Bra” for Anorei!

  17. George Says:

    I think that anything and everthing that Anorei posts is an opportunity to see her, and I’m all for that. W should all be greatfull that she has the confidence to show herself to all of us pervs. By the way Annie, Say “hello!” to Liana for us old fans, we miss her so much. I used to chat with her for a while. then things just faded off.

  18. femsup Says:

    Too right George.An exceptional person all round.

  19. Cheese Says:

    I think the sight of Anorei is so mesmerizing that we are going a bit daft! Don’t stop Anorei. I’m sure that this is only the beginning, the tip of the tit. No one would want to miss the whole tit because they were hypnotized by the nip! Any image of Anorei is worth whatever we need to do to get it. She always surprises us with newer, better goodies that have always been worth the wait. We are fortunate to see her. End of story. Someday we will have fond memories of the good “old” days when we had Anorei to perv over. This is truly history in the making!

  20. hugey Says:

    Well said George & Cheese, couldn’t have put it better myself.

  21. femsup Says:

    Look I bet if Anorei were to stop showing us her beautiful face and body and personality every one of us would be searching for out takes informal shots sightings however rare.Enjoy her for what she is a lovely person and drool over her now and be grateful to have seen so hardon/wet pussy making a person.

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