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Anorei Collins is Lexxxi Luxe at Plumper Pass!

Big news today for Anorei Collins fans. Anorei appears over at the Plumper Pass under the new name of Lexxxi Luxe! Do these pictures and video point towards Anorei/Lexxxi taking a new and raunchier direction?

anorei collins lexxxi luxe plumper pass sensational video

Click on the small pics below to get a great picture set of Huge Titted Lexxxi Luxe dildo-ing herself over at the Plumper Pass.

anorei collins lexxxi luxe plumper pass sensational videoanorei collins lexxxi luxe plumper pass sensational videoanorei collins lexxxi luxe plumper pass sensational video

Also, here’s a link to some promo video clips from the same shoot.

anorei collins lexxxi luxe plumper pass sensational video

Get the full set over at Plumper Pass.

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21 Responses to “Anorei Collins is Lexxxi Luxe at Plumper Pass!”

  1. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    NICE! This could be the start of something BIG (wink, wink!). Always been a pretty girl, she looks good here. Like a pro rasslin angle, she should work as a character. Anorei could be the nice, sweet, girl next door, and Lexi could be the hot, sexy, uninhibited, wild child! Interesting to see where this goes!

  2. Charles Says:

    She looks fantastic all dolled up like that!

  3. skoberti Says:

    Beautiful face and breast … but her back legs … not very cute… shit ! really not exiting… she only have 24 years old !!! … exercise your legs for your futur …

  4. Femsup Says:

    She could be Lex Luther if she wanted to be.Very good about the alter ego but whatever she pretends to be she is the lovely kind hearted intelligent person that shines through everything.

    Our hearts go out to her now in her our of need.

  5. clarity Says:

    GREAT find, Hugey! Wish I could get this level of pink on the site. Love the bent-over pic. Oh my…
    “Hour of need?” Please inform us further. No menton on her site and she hasn’t updated her blog this month. I figure she’s been a LITTLE busy and tired.

  6. keith Says:

    She needs to work on that stomach once she has her child, like someone said, she is young and that isn’t a good look for her, IMO

  7. LexxxiLuxe Says:

    I’m not at my site anymore clarity, I quit at the beginning of June =/ I can only assume that’s what he’s referring to. It’s not really my hour of need, I had good reasons for leaving and I stand by my decision- and things are working out well =)
    <3 Lexxxi (Ano)

  8. LexxxiLuxe Says:

    yes keith, I know. In all fairness- it’s only been a month since I had the baby =( I’m working on it.

  9. Femsup Says:

    When you worship you have to take the rough with the smooth and the “imperfections” with the perfect.Love and worship should be unreserved.

  10. Brian Says:

    Lexxxilu. You look amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The idea of worshipping someone is not ideal but being able to see the beauty and sexiness that can be combined in someone like you is what is to rave about. I just want to know when you will be in Philly so we can get a real cheesesteak. Fuck the baby belly. You look fantastic and even better than the early cam 4 days :)

  11. clarity Says:

    (1) When do we get the scoop on what happened to your site? I assume “LexxxiLuxe” is your new professional name over the former “Anorei?”

    (2) Don’t worry about the belly. Bellies are seriously sexy! I want you healthy, not thin. Nadine Jansen hasn’t lost her belly in three years, and yet she’s using it to her advantage.

    (3) Please, whatever you do, continue to photo-document everything this year. Even if you don’t publish it, you will be surprised at the Long Tail of people out here who want to see you in any way you are. You’re a phenomenon every time you release new content, remember that!

  12. LexxxiLuxe Says:

    1.) Yes, LexxxiLuxe is the new name of choice, I won’t be using Anorei with the exception of one last time for my shoot with a company you all know well. As far as the scoop- professional differences- not much more than that really. Liana’s a great person and I hope she continues to do well for herself with AnoreiCollins.com

    2.) Aw- thanks =)

    3.) Absolutely =D My tumblr is a place I haunt daily (not always updating with photos, but always checking at least) and there’s an ask box and everything =) everything I do, people who follow my tumblr will know about. =D (Tumblr is listed as my website here on this comment, so you can clicky my name =) )

  13. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    amazing set! love her stomach, love the lines, love stretch marks cellulite, and all of that!!!

  14. clarity Says:

    [Bernard Z. Grate]:
    “amazing set! love her stomach, love the lines, love stretch marks.”
    Ha ha, stretch marks are EARNED baby! Wear them proudly if you got ‘em.

  15. mostel Says:

    Her Tumblr site is cool — already several very good candid shots and that face, ah, I’m in love!

  16. Femsup Says:

    Stretch marks are the medals women wear for giving birth one of the most profound and wonderful things a person can do.

  17. Grey Starks Says:

    Your work looks phenomenal as always. Love this look for you. Hope all is well with you, with everything. I know this new chapter for you will be even more successful than the previous.

  18. Hugey Says:

    Love the Tumblr site Lexxxi/Ano – as Mostel says the candids are awesome. Would love to see more Candids.
    I’ll get a proper link out to your Tumblr site ASAP. Anything you need here at HHB just ask :)

  19. mostel Says:

    Hats off to the guy who wrote the code for tumblr. It goes beyond FB in so many ways, and without the censorship!

  20. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Hey guys, XL Girls has posted a Anorei/Lexxxi (whoever) preview video w lactation! HOTNESS!!!

  21. josh Says:

    Lexxi I honestly can’t stop jerking to your new video…you are way too hot for your own good!

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