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Anorei Collins Measuring 40-Weeks

Anorei Collins has just released a large set of 120+ pics taking measurements at 40-weeks pregnant…

anorei collins huge tits heavily pregnant 40 weeks

This set shows Anorei Collins taking lots of detailed measurements of breast size, breast length, cleavage length, nipple size…you name it! Here’s a few to wet your appetite…

anorei collins huge tits heavily pregnant 40 weeksanorei collins huge tits heavily pregnant 40 weeks

anorei collins huge tits heavily pregnant 40 weeksanorei collins huge tits heavily pregnant 40 weeksanorei collins huge tits heavily pregnant 40 weeks

Get the full set over at AnoreiCollins.com

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9 Responses to “Anorei Collins Measuring 40-Weeks”

  1. femsup Says:

    Always very dubious about women measuring themselves.It seems very objectifying.Not good unless they get a kick out of it.

  2. Charles Says:

    Finally the statistics I’ve been dying to see with my own eyes. Thank you Anorie! And to think to huge heavy funbags are filled with milk. Just awesome!

  3. tuggerjb Says:

    Femsup, your joking right?!? Please tell me that you are not actually concerned about us objectifying these women!! Dude, that’s why we’re here lol!! In fact, that’s also why they’re here! One day, all this objectivity is probably gonna put Anorei’s baby thru med school lol! I’m sure she’d be the first to say “Objectify away!” I’m sure Anorei knows it’s all done with love (and lust of course lol). Besides, she has to love the attention on some level or she wouldn’t be on this site, 40 weeks pregnant, with her tits out and a tape measure lol! Relax and enjoy my friend : )

  4. josh Says:

    I swear to God I would sell my self back into slavery to get between those tits! I’m telling you guys she is going to be, if not already, a legend!

  5. stefanny Says:

    Great look ! thanks Anorei you are the queen of huge breast and you have a very pretty visage … xxx the tape tell the truth of your huge breast … really nice to exchange with your fan the stats … xxx

  6. clarity Says:

    She’s also got a lot of short pregnant videos up on her YouTube channel. I hope she took FAR more pictures of her pregnancy than what’s on her site.

  7. supercalo Says:

    Yeah I honestly think I would have one of my testicles surgically removed for one night with her.

  8. Peter Says:

    I think it’s great that she’s keen on measuring herself, after all, her body is going through drastic changes. I just wish it was me measuring her. I wonder how big her lactating tits will get.

  9. berto Says:

    the measurements of Anorei in centimeters, please. Thank yoy

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