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Anorei Collins new website & exciting collaboration!

Got a lovely email from Anorei Collins with some exclusive pics for readers of HHB and some very exciting news!

So, here’s the scoop. Not only is Anorei Collins launching her new site AnoreiCollins.com very very soon but she’s also going to be working with Liana 38MM. What a breathtaking huge breast duo that is going to be!

Here’s what Anorei and Liana have planned: “We’ve got plans for cam shows, photo sets and some bbw conventions together, it’ll be a busy year for the both of us =)”

Apparently, Anorei hooked up with Liana after seeing her here at HHB! – “if I hadn’t seen her on your blog, we’d never have hooked up. Surprises happen, I think you’ll like this one, hehe”.

Both girls like to webcam and they have a show planned together for later in January. Anorei says “I am pleased to announce that Liana and I will be doing a cam show together on January 23rd. =)”

Put that one in the diary folks, it’s sure to be a show to remember!

Regarding Anorei’s new website, AnoreiCollins.com, it should be ready very soon! Anorei says “We’re going to be offering discounted advance membership for fans who sign-up for 6 months & 12 months”.

“For those who sign up ahead of time (the advance members) I’ll be doing a special half hour cam show the night before the site opens.”

“For those who want to pay monthly when the site opens I’ll be on cam for the first 18 hours of live signups! So as soon as you sign up, it’s nonstop fun. It’s not a scripted show, so anything goes (well, almost anything, lol) and I’m down for taking requests (within reason =))”

Watch this space for more news about Anorei’s new website.

16 Responses to “Anorei Collins new website & exciting collaboration!”

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  2. BigTitsGlamour Says:

    Super sweet 2 friends of us: Anorei and Liana 38MM.
    We wish them the BEST and we will try to help for all what is possible to do.
    Not only 2 incredible girls: 2 lovely women.

  3. femsup Says:

    Wish you all the best of luck Don’t exhaust yourself though.Loveliest repository for a wine bottle I have ever seen.

  4. Tony Says:

    This is THEE best Big Boob blog site there is! Thanks for the awesome updates and model choices! They are all Aweeeeeesome!!!

    How does it feel to be a star Anorei!?!? You are great! Thanks for sharing your sexual side with us :)


  5. clarity Says:

    ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmyGOD, ohMYGOD, OHMYGOD!! I just knew 2010 was going to be better than ’09! I will definitely be a charter member of the Lifetime Anorei fan club!

    I would never have heard about Anorei except for Hugey and this blog. Thanks again, man.

  6. Jeff L Says:

    This is great great news! I see Anorei and Liana as similar types of women, good-natured with naturally titanic chests, so this seems like a good match.

    The amount of combined boobage will be astonishing, to be sure. I’m not certain any two women in the history of the world have ever mustered such enormity. It’ll be a lovely and possibly historical event to behold.

    Thanks, Anorei. Good luck to you and Liana!

  7. femsup Says:

    clarity thats just what I said omygod several times.Anorei you are so excruciatingly beautiful and round and gorgeous and to know you have an equally rounded personality too is marvelous.

    I hope you are one of the new wave of women running their own sites or at least having a very significant input into their running.The established big names in portraying women of size tend to over galmourize.Whilst you at home all round gorgeousness is so natural and lovely.It tells in the poses too.As long as you be yourself for most of the time more and more people will love you.

    MMM a phalic symbol between the breasts.It makes all males want to be there.A candy cane reminds me of wanting to apply the cane to such a huge bust and seeing it wobble and mark.Knowing that you are partial to experimenting with dominance and submission the latter I hope would float your boat.

  8. Anorei Says:

    @femsup my site my not be totally non glossy, hehe, but I do intend to mix plenty of amatuer stuff with a lot of high quality photos. Overall, it should have a very real, down to earth feel to it =) (It is a bit exhausting though and we’re still in development, ouch, hehe)

    @clarity ./hugs 2010 is gonna be amazing =D

    @Tony I’m not quite famous, lol, but I intend to be! And the best part is, I’ll still be right here =)

    @Hugey if there’s ever anything I can do for you, let me know <3 Your help in the past couple of weeks has been a welcome relief, thank you.

  9. jonno Says:

    Anorei and Liana…..together!!..omg. best news in the big boob scene for ages…2009 wasnt the best year for seeing the biggest and best girls together…hopefully a lot more to come in 2010.

  10. a fan Says:

    I don’t think the link you provided, anoreicollins.com, is correct. It goes to a basically blank website.

    The URL Anorei herself has been spreading is http://www.anorei.net.

  11. Anorei Says:

    AnoreiCollins.com is indeed the website, it’s simply still in progress (hence the, it should be ready very soon, hehe). And my blog is anorei.net/blog

  12. Hugey Says:

    Anorei – Thanks for update regarding URLs for your site(s). Great news to hear your a Huge Breast Blogger too :-) Getting all this stuff off the ground can be tough at the beginning. Stick in there, you’ll get it going and it’ll be awesome! Love the blog theme BTW.

    Fem, Tony, Clarity, Jeff, Jonno – Add me to the Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygoodgod club too!! Best huge breast news I’ve heard for a long long time. Two natural goddesses, I adore them both and can’t wait to see them together.

  13. KiwiNZ Says:

    Awesome news indeed. Sadly i got distracted by the face and Grand Canyon-like cleavage so long the news went right over my head initially :D

    I don’t think i’ve ever wanted to be a bottle more in my life.

  14. clarity Says:

    Yea, take your time, Anorei. We’re not going anywhere. Launching a site with content ready to go will be the hardest part. After that, it’s all in the modeling schedule. The last piece of advice I’ll give is: Take a camera (or heck, your phone will do) wherever you go. Snap what you see, snap yourself, snap your daily life.

    These kind of candid, casual photos will round out your “graphic” personality, and they can be used in a “Photo of the Week” set or some such freebies. Finally, they’ll give us a real-life dimension — as mundane as you may think it might be — of you. You’re already off to a headstart because we’re all in lust — er, love — with you! Just have fun, be daring, and take us along with you.

  15. hugey Says:

    Clarity – Great advise of both counts (1) do take your time, your fans know that a new website doesn’t happen overnight (2) great advise/ideas about the candid stuff.

    If you want my opinion, do more candid stuff than pro shoots. That’s where it’s at these days.

  16. Tony Says:

    Yes, candid shots are definitely better!!!

    The pro, photoshopped, fisheye lens are the worst thing a model can do: *cough* – Rachel Aladana, *cough*, bullshit, *cough*

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