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Anorei makes MM cup look like a training bra!

Proof that Anorei Collins needs at least a 40NN cup! Anorei’s huge breasts barely fit into this MM cup bra. What would normally be a monster construction for most girls, Anorei makes it look like a training bra!

anorei collins mm cup bra

I don’t think this is a bullet bra but it certainly reminds me of one. Perhaps it’s the effect of stuffing a huge pair of 40NN breasts into a MM cup that’s making Anorei’s girls stick out like two huge zeppelins.

anorei collins large mm cup braanorei collins large mm cup braanorei collins large mm cup bra

anorei collins large mm cup braanorei collins large mm cup bra

This is another great update from Anorei with a large set of high quality pics. There’s also a 3:23 min HD video to savour too.

anorei collins large mm cup bra
You can watch the full HD Video over at AnoreiCollins.com

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12 Responses to “Anorei makes MM cup look like a training bra!”

  1. Tony Says:


  2. femsup Says:

    Yes the photo from above does make it look very much like a bullet bra.In small pics 4 & 5 it looks like she is pealing the bra away with disapointment.It is manifestly not fit for pupose huge though it is.

    Love the eveidence of her hugeness too in the marks it has left on her breasts and that after probably being on her for only a short while.Would dearly love to soothe those marks though with a massage.

  3. stefanny Says:

    i see video on dailymotion … simply irrestible !!!

  4. Ogdru Jahad Says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen you mention it here, have you heard the news that Anorei is 2-3 months preggo (she’s having a friend’s surrogate kid) and that she’s said she’s looking forward to lactation shoots? I can’t wait! Let’s see how much larger they can get!

  5. Hugey Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that Ogdru! I’m in such a rush all the time right now that I didn’t pick that up anywhere! Is this official? Has Anorei released info on her site?

    Come to think of it, in a recent comment here at HHB, Anorei said she had some BIG NEWS to share with her members. That must have been it!! Wow, that’s great news :-)

  6. Ogdru Jahad Says:


    Also, commented on in her website affiliate page: http://www.anoreicollins.com/affiliate-program/

    And AC herself left a comment on MyBoobsite: http://www.myboobsite.com/blog/anorei-collins-at-anoreicollins-com/

    Woo! (Actually, it sounds like she’s more like 4 1/2 months along)

  7. femsup Says:

    That really is momentous news.This must be a very complicated time for her more than usual for a pregnant woman.We must try and give her what support we are able through this.

    One unadulterated bonus is that her breasts will get bigger and they wil be full of milk.Thier look particualrly around the aureola will also change.

  8. Charles Says:

    Awww yeah, man, that’s totally beautiful. I will get a membership over there — like when she’s 8 months. :D This is gonna be a very beautiful experience.

  9. bingaji Says:

    In plain sight for every one of us to see is the strap extension on the back of her bra. So it might well be a MM cup but it looks like it could only be a small band size, like a 32 or 34. I reckon Anorei would be 42 or more, so the difference in cup size is huge, a 32 MM would be like a 42 D. She might of leared this trick from Cheron who did the same thing to claim she is a MM cup as well. Oh well MM sounds good but personaly I would rather see both of them in the correct size like Milena in her 38 K cup and it fits her really well.

  10. clarity Says:

    Well, that’s welcome news! Let’s hope it’s one of several pregnancies for her and she FULLY documents them with fewer clothes and costumes and more skin and pink!

  11. Anorei Says:

    lol, actually bingaji, it’s a 38MM, but with the bullet bra- it’s harder to fit an entire tit onto one cup, so you need a bit more extension on the back. Also- just to clarify, a 32MM would be more like a 40L, it’s really not THAT big a difference =P My technical bra size, at last measurement is 38NN.
    And yes- I’m pregnant ^_^ 19 weeks now and already the doctor says my breasts have gained 4 lbs, hehe. If prior experience will lend itself to this situation, lactation will indeed be a monumental spectacle to witness and a great joy. (Also, probably produce more than any one baby can hold! hehe) I also gained 3 cup sizes last time I lactated and only lost one when everything went back to ‘normal’ hehe

  12. Richard Says:

    Currently I rank Anorei No6 – but after giving birth I think she needs to seriously consider her industry carreer options if she wants to retain or enhance her ranking/income. She was a breath of fresh air and a very exciting new entrant at first, but one could now consider her more as a show pony and starting to become boring. With that in mind she really needs body enhancements, shameless hardcore videos and to also offer direct intercourse with her fans.

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