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Beshine: how big was she before?

Following on from the Beshine silicone tits post the other day I felt compelled to have a closer look at this girl today.

I mean, holy crap, talk about taking huge breast expansion to a new level. I know there are already girls out there this big – Chelsea Charms, Maxi Mounds, et al – but I don’t think I’ve ever see tits looking this tight!

It makes me wonder how big she was to start with. I mean, she must have been pretty big right? (btw, there’s a good comment by Zaine on that stuff).

Maybe she was already beautifully huge and heavy before she started? How ironic would that be!

All pics are taken from Beshine.

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21 Responses to “Beshine: how big was she before?”

  1. Kitty Says:

    Wow.. They look horrid

  2. Jimmys Says:

    I think she is awesome . Its time to pass to the industry of sex and not stay at photos . I wonder if she make escort in Europe right now..

  3. mark Says:


  4. Anorei Says:

    oh wow, those look painful….

  5. Anorei Says:

    also Jimmy- common misconception, but just because a woman shows her body, doesnt mean she’s going to take the extra step to become a hooker, or an ‘escort’ if you’re of delicate sensibilities. I can’t tell you how many time I get asked if I escort and people are surprised that I dont. It’s pretty rude to assume…

  6. Kitty Says:

    Anorei – Omg, surprised? I don’t get it… Anyway you’re too pretty for that anyway =P
    Also agree with them looking painful – Don’t understand how someone thinks they look ‘good’ ?!

  7. Kitty Says:

    oops put anyway twice sorry :S

  8. Ray Says:

    After your post the other day, I went digging for more info on this wonderfully buxom beauty (more than anything, I love a new entree to the scene, natural or fake).

    Turns out she’s been posting on the bearchive forums for a few years now (http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php?action=profile;u=36360), and indeed began as an anonymous poster occasionally uploading pics of herself fully-clothed and sans face as she pursued progressively bigger and bigger implants (she began as a B cup, according to her posts).

    I was shocked to find out it’s only taken about 3-4 years for her to go from practically flat-chested to what she’s got now, and she professes a desire to keep going! According to her posts, she plans on going to 10,000 cc implants by the end of the year (http://forum.bearchive.com/index.php/topic,580674.msg10034293.html#msg10034293)!

    I’m definitely going to be getting a membership to her site because I love the idea of being able to watch as she goes from huge to mind-blowing gigantic! She’s even hinted that she might post a video of getting her implants filled — real life BE that you can watch!

  9. Hugey Says:

    Wow – great sleuthing Ray! That’s mental though, going from B-cup to this is just insane. BTW, that thread is almost as big as her tits :-)

    Lol Mark – just checked and FAILTITS.COM is available if you fancy starting another blog :-)

    Yes they do look painful Anorei! Mega swollen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen silicone tits look this swollen.

  10. femsup Says:

    I’m deeply worried for her.it doesn’t look remotely huiman.olease help her.

  11. femsup Says:

    Sorry St Patricks night booze but she doesn’t look human please help her someone.

  12. clarity Says:

    Think of it as extremely self-motivated body modification. Once the skin relaxes and they settle in, it should be pretty incredible. Let’s admit that we all prefer the Anorei type of pure genetic talent, but models like Beshine should be interesting to keep up with.

    Hugey, I hope you’ll continue a “category” of large fake tits just for comparison.

  13. fraenkie Says:

    i chated with her a several times. and believe me. she’s a very intelligent lady who loves huge breasts. she’s smart enough that we don’t have to worry about her and i am sure she will pass chelsea very soon. and by the way – she is (and i guess never will be) interested in escorting….

  14. shandy Says:


  15. Jeff L Says:

    I agree with Anorei. Those look painful, with stretchy skin and lots of odd dimensions. When she’s covering them with a t-shirt they look pretty good, but not when she’s naked.

    She’s not bad looking, by the way, so I give her that.

    But big or small, give me breasts au naturale any day.

  16. h Says:

    She needs therapy.

  17. Bolos unja Says:

    Lol she was a natural A

  18. Ted Says:

    AMAZING what a great look totally one of a kind and what a prety face!

  19. omar alvarado Says:


  20. Tim Henson Says:

    A really ugly woman who knows nothing about makeup. Plus, the boobs are atrocious looking.

  21. Justin Says:

    I hope she gets bigger, and they grow so big that she beats Norma Stitz

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