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Bianca Bloom: Big Girls with Big Heavy Chests

Check out these recently published pics of Bianca Bloom from Big Tits Glamour – I’ve seen them before so they must be a re-published set but definitely worth having another look at…

I’ve got a thing for Bianca because she reminds me of a big girl I used to work beside! I was just a young lad and she was a good bit older, and boy did she have a big heavy chest! It was an office environment and she often wore jeans and t-shirts similar to the clothed Bianca above…

I’ll always remember one of the old guys in the office saying “oh, I like big women like that” talking of said girl…it always stuck with me ;-)

All pics courtesy of Big Tits Glamour

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4 Responses to “Bianca Bloom: Big Girls with Big Heavy Chests”

  1. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    her coloring is fantastic! that’s the thing that jumps out to me when it comes to women, their coloring, after that i look at their ass tits what have you but coloring is first, and i’ll tell ya that mediterainium coloring that coffee smooth beautiful darkish lovlely looking skin that hushed smoothness of cream, and then her areola’s on top opf that makes it look so as the word people are using now (yummy)

  2. femsup Says:

    Yes Hugey it would stick in your mammary memory.I know what a tight pair of jeans and a huge long chest that touches them does to you and to me.Yes Bernard Z Grate I like her Levantine colouring and good looks.

  3. hugey Says:

    Yes, agree whole heartedly with you about her gorgeous Mediterranean colouring Bernard Z Grate!! I’m not sure if there’s a finer look than a plump heavy chested girl with olive mediterranean skin….and Bianca’s definitely got that look

    Oh yes FEM…DAMN…those long pendulous breasts touching her jeans does it for me double big time. You know me well Fem ;-)

  4. luvembig Says:

    Ahhh yes. Bianca Bloom, another of my faves.

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From: Hugey