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Bridgette’s long firm torpedo boobs 2

I received these promo pics from Top Heavy Amateurs of lovely Bridgette. I’ve actually posted a few pics from this set a while back and noted that Bridgette has beautiful long firm torpedo boobs – a particular favourite of mine.

However, it’s only when Bridgette lies on her back and pushes down on those torpedos that you get to see the full explosive power of those chest bombs. Bridgette is one of the many heavy chested girls over at Top Heavy Amateurs

All pics courtesy of Top Heavy Amateurs

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21 Responses to “Bridgette’s long firm torpedo boobs 2”

  1. clarity Says:

    Damn. Nation.
    I hope women like this are with men that worship them. My last girlfriend — before her EVIL breast reduction that caused my departure — had a similar body, only with larger breasts, and made my dick hard just looking in her direction.

  2. femsup Says:

    And those soft blue jeans wow.Yes she really has a quintisentially torpedo like pair.But if you had only seen pic 5 you might not have known.Lovely pleasant smile and face too.Perhaps with torpedo shaped ones we think the overwhelming weight of them will be more focused and directed when hanging over our mouths and faces.The full weight of them directed down a narrower area.

  3. femsup Says:

    I hope there were other issues that were the crux of things clarity other than just her boob reduction.As much as we worship huge breasted women they are more than just their lovely colossal breasts.

  4. Jeff L Says:

    Damn. Bridgette sports torpedo boobs, yes, but of the “secret weapon” variety, where they’ve fattened up with Chloe Vevrier-like fullness. It’s an extremely appealing “best of both worlds” shape, I must say!

    Plus she’s cute with a friendly smile. Which definitely helps.

    Sorry to read about your former girlfriend’s EVIL breast reduction, clarity. If she had it done for health reasons, then I could probably see the justice. But it doesn’t sound like she did. Which sucks. And if her breasts bulged like larger versions of Bridgette’s above… sigh.

    (sad, sad violin music)

  5. clarity Says:

    After her breast reduction, she looked like Frankenstein. I’ve had three other girlfriends in the past do the same — somehow I love these big-breasted beauties, but most complain about the weight of their breasts. And oddly, none of them knew how to wear a proper-fitting bra, thus they looked fat in clothing! I could see through that when first meeting them, and was right that once I got their clothes off, there was a body to die for underneath.

    The particular girlfriend in question was a BIG god-believer, and while I’m an atheist, I argued that “god gave her that body for a reason,” and that she shouldn’t defile it with surgery. It was the best I could come up with and obviously wasn’t convincing. My second argument was, “What if I had my penis reduced to 3 inches, would you mind if I did THAT!?” That didn’t convince either. So I was out of ammo.

    When someone goes from a symmetrically astounding H-cup with 5-inch wide nips to a B-cup (drastic!) overnight, suddenly I could no longer “perform.” Seeing that didn’t do either one of us any good, I moved on and let a new guy discover the “new” her.

    Let’s all hope she doesn’t show any former pictures of herself to the new guy. He’ll fall to his knees in a primal, Charleton Heston-Planet of the Apes scream, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY, YOU DAMN CRAZY WOMAN, WHYYYYYYYYYY!

  6. hugey Says:

    Lol Clarity, I shouldn’t laugh as it’s actually a very serious issue but that image you’ve put in mind of the new boyfriend crying out in utter disbelief is painfully hilarious. Perhaps in similar disbelief to Heston walking along the beach and seeing the Statue of Liberty in the sand – NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……

  7. hugey Says:

    An interesting point you’ve brought up in your first comment Clarity. Yes, let’s hope women like Bridgette are with men that fully appreciate them.

    Breasts like these need to be worshipped as you say. And I mean worshipped.

    As Fem says, the narrower shape has a more concentrated end point thus lending itself to mouth cramming etc. Can you imagine having 24/7 access to missiles like these – just beautiful!

  8. femsup Says:

    Thank you clarity for fleshing out your expereince to us.Or rather fleshign away as regards what she did to herself.this is nothing less than mutilation and its terrible when someone has such a low self image.

    I’m an atheist too but like you would have appealed to her on her own religious grounds not to alter what had been given to her.

    But perhaps it was too late.Society in general had already defined what is beautiful in women and her huge breasts did not match that ideal.

    But we love our women not just for their physical beauty but what they mean to us emotionally and intelectually.

    However if she was that disturbed and self loathing I suppose you did the right thing.Still you went on to better things I’m sure.

  9. femsup Says:

    Yes you are right no tonly is the wight of them more focused and directed but it means you can get your mouth deeper over the breast and “cram” it as you say.

  10. clarity Says:

    @hugey: Missiles, ha! I love that term.
    @femsup: Thanks. It wasn’t all about the body, but at age 26, I wasn’t about to spend a life with her knowing what “could have been.” Besides, I’m sure she’d take me walking around with a permanent soft-on personally.

    So if Bridgette’s breasts are missiles, what does that make Anorei’s — Supertankers?

    Few things are funnier than breasts and dicks.

  11. femsup Says:

    Supertankers!Brilliant clarity!They certainly would be if they were full of milk.Supertankers once they are going in one direction tend to take a long time to turn.So hoping they were headed for our mouths,hands or genitals or just against our chests, it would be nice to think they would stay there for a long time.Especially Anorei’s

  12. femsup Says:

    As you clarity and I and I think everyone here on this site is against breast reductions we have to come up with solutions as to stopping this barbaric practice.

    If we look at why women have them its for aesthetic reasons, back pain and breast cancer mostly.We should be funding more breast cancer screening and finding cures.We should be getting better back care for women.We should be worshipping our huge breasted women so much that we are prepared to literally carry the weight of their breasts so that we can take a literal and metaphorical weight of their backs.

    In an ideal world there would be greater funding for breast care than war and maybe a Breast Tax so that money went directly on maintaing the health of huge brested women and their chests.

    If huge breasted women got funding directly on account of the size of their chests then it would encourage merely large breasted or those with medium chests to try and grow them.

    This would mean healthier babies with the increased amount of intake of breast milk.It would mean changing the emphasis of thin is in to fats where its at in both beauty and culture.

    It would mean a power change to more influence of women generally and huge breasted ones in particular.

    As we have seen with the Venus of Willendorf figurine and many others men and women worshipped and revered huge breasted and bottomed women in the past.We must go back to our natural tendency to worship such women.

  13. Jeff L Says:

    Good points made by everyone here. I invite other people reading this site to give their ideas too. About breast reduction or the lovely antithesis of breast reduction — Bridgette. Whose young torpedos somehow fattened into yummy atomic bombs.

    But to your points, femsup: I would say there’s quietly been a recent global surge towards acceptance of and interest in larger bodies and breasts. Actresses like Christina Hendricks would not have appeared on television fifteen years ago. Too busty. Yet now she’s a star. This is only the Hollywood angle, I know, but it’s a noticeable change. I think it’s happening on many levels of society around the world.

    Which is fabulous! The internet leads the charge, of course. Excellent blogs like Hugey’s present healthier looking women who happen to carry giant breasts. I don’t know about the long-term implications of this sea change in the perception of women, but in my opinion, it can’t hurt. Instead of thin, sporty women dominating everything, I’ve noticed far more interest in heavier, curvier women and their equally beautiful figures, haven’t you?

    Like the Venus of Willendorf.

    Ancient societies knew the value of a few extra pounds and big, sometimes huge, breasts. Their art and literature often reflects it.

  14. femsup Says:

    I was about to say Cristina Hendricks is one drop int ocean or one swallow not making a Summer till I saw her.She is rake thin with small breasts that admittedly are not minute like most of hollywood or at best medium size on a skeleton.

    When we have women in abundance with size 38 D’s which is the average in the UK not there just because of their figures but because that size is the average and they are average women.

  15. Tony Says:

    Very Cute. I hope she plays with them as much as I would :P

  16. clarity Says:

    [femsup]: “In an ideal world there would be greater funding for breast care than war and maybe a Breast Tax so that money went directly on maintaining the health of huge-breasted women and their chests.”
    . . . . . . . . .
    There’s a tax I could support. As long as they’re willing to share their ‘genetic talent’ online via an affordable website, I’m in. Wonder how many votes I could get for the 2012 presidential election on that platform:

    “Fellow Americans, I stand before you today to ask you to grab two tittays and suckle at the teat of democracy! To embrace big nipples! To make sure these genetically superior women breed more huge-breasted baby girls so that there will be future tittays for us to feed humanity and keep our economy growing. Big breasts mean big jobs!

    “Imagine Chloe Vevrier as our Secretary of State! Anorei as our Vice-President! Nadine Jansen as our Secretary of Defense (I don’t care that’s she’s German)! With these women, we will RULE THE WORLD!”

  17. femsup Says:

    Yes the Huge Breast Sisterhood would be in power.

  18. hugey Says:

    Clarity – I’d say if Bridgette has ‘missiles’ then Anorei has ‘H-bombs’ of atomic proportions. Our Atomic Kitten if you will!!

    Fem, Clarity – Regarding a huge breast tax, for Very Arousing Tits (VAT), that gets my full support. Anything that gives an incentive to women to maximise the size of their breasts has got to be a good thing in my book. Rather than a website though Clarity, it would be good to see a Government funded TV Channel whose scheduled comprised purely of Huge Breast Programming. The existing schedule would be replaced over time with its ‘Huge Breast Counterpart’ – can you imagine :-) Queue for a series of posts!

    Jeff L – I agree with the point you’re making about changing attitudes to larger women, albeit quietly as you say. As well as in more progressive TV programming, it’s been particularly noticeable in advertising too. In the UK for instance I can think of quite a few recent ad campaigns were larger women are the theme. One in particular, DOVE cosmetics, beautiful ad campaign featuring large girls with large bras – incidently, nearly caused me to crash my car. No joke, a bus with ‘large girl large bra’ ad on it passed in the opposite direction, I rubber necked it and nearly swerved into a parked car!!

    Fem – “fats where it’s at”…. Lol, love it Fem

    Clarity – beautful sounding election campaign. I’d have to add Liana though – oh yes. And with a dream team of Anorei, Chloe, Nadine and Liana how could you possibly fail :-)

  19. femsup Says:

    Very Arousing Tits VAT very amusing that one.Know what you mean about the Dove adverts.Nearly got run over by a car whilst looking at one giant poster next to Alperton station.You weren’t driving the car were you?

    Yes we need Huge Breast programming and Huge Breast reprogramming.

  20. Hugey Says:

    lol Fem…no it wasn’t me that nearly ran you over! However, the first time I saw the ad on the side of a bus, I have to admit to following said bus in my car to get a second look…dedication or what!

  21. the01artist Says:

    They are nice but they are definitely not TORPEDO TITTIES. . .

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