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Sister Anorei Collins!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Just noticed these new pics of Sister Anorei Collins over at Big Tits Glamour :-)

For me there’s always one or two pics in a shoot like this that set the mood for a fantasy. With this shoot I was drawn to the big pic above.

Sister Anorei: “Did I just catch you staring at my large breasts”.
You: Gulp! “Ermm, no Sister Anorei”.
Sister Anorei: “Yes I did”. “Why are you getting embarrassed?”

….drifting off into dark fantasy mode!

BTW, these new pics are from Big Tits Glamour NOT Anorei’s new site which is due to soft launch any day and which you can read more about in Anorei Collin’s Site Launch Pulled Forward

Download the full set of 51+ high-resolution (1024 x 1536 pixel) pictures over at Big Tits Glamour.

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Anorei Collin’s Site Launch Pulled Forward

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Anorei’s new site Anorei Collins may be going LIVE later this week! That’s well ahead of the planned 19th Feb launch date.

Just received an email with these teaser pics and upate news from lovely Anroei. In it Anorei says that she may be soft launching her new site early, possibly this week!

In her email Anorei says “I’ve attached two teaser pics (below), AND tonight’s cam4 broadcast will be a special treat where I’ll be doing ropes and you’ll kind of get a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ snippet of one of my photo shoots”. BTW, you can see Anorei’s Cam4 page here.

“Once the site is launched, every Monday there will be an update post on Anorei Collins blog with the teaser pic of the set to be released that Friday.”

Anorei also mentions that her existing blog at anorei.net/blog will become her “cubicle-safe” blog where fans can have a safe for work RSS feed.

Anorei & Liana Dual Cam show tonight 8pm

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Just a quick reminder that the Anorei and Liana Dual Cam show is supposed to be tonight…

Sorry, I don’ have the full details about this! Didn’t manage to speak to Anorei last week. Anyway, thought I’d throw up this post in the hope that Anorei, Liana or someone might have more details on how to get access to the show tonight.

Anyone know how to get access please post in the comments below

Here’s links to Anorei’s twitter and Liana’s twitter pages in case last minute details are posted there. Fingers crossed it’s still on.

And, just in case it’s live at imLive, here’s links to
Anorei’s imLive webcam

Liana’s imLive webcam

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AnoreiCollins.com Memberships on Sale

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

AnoreiCollins.com is landing on February 19th 2010. If you’ve been following Anorei’s blog you’ll know that she’s been working flat out along with her new business partner Liana 38MM to launch her new website.

That coupled with a planned move to LA, she’s been one very busy girl! Oh, and she’s even found some time to start learning HTML ;-) sheesh….

There’s a real buzz about this new site and if it turns out to be anything like Liana’s own site then it’s going to be Huge Breast Heaven! Good news is memberships on sale NOW

Lifetime Membership

Anorei is selling just 15 lifetime memberships for the site. Well, that’s probably down to less than 10 now because quite a few have already been snapped up.

Anorei says “Lifetime memberships are $1000 and it’s good for the ENTIRE life of the site (5+ years) so it’s really like paying for half the time and getting the rest for free!”

So if you want in on the exclusive lifetime membership club then you’d better act fast – Email Anorei Now!. Use HHB – ANOREI FOR LIFE in your email title to get it fast tracked ;-)

6-12 month memberships

Anorei says “we’re also offering advance memberships in 6 and 12 month increments (with loyalty discounts, obviously). What I’m trying to say is, it’s CHEAPER to buy UP FRONT! lol.” Again, Email Anorei direct if your interested in taking up this offer.

imLive webcam

Remember, in the meantime, if you want to catch Anorei LIVE 1-to-1 she’s on webcam over at imLive. Just noticed she’s got 80+ free pics there now. A couple of new ones below that caught my eye…

Anorei’s New Blog needs your Comments

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Just been over to Anorei’s new blog and Twitter page and noticed that she’s calling for comments. Firsty, because we all like to be loved but more importantly to help her check that they’re working :-)

Apparently, Anorei and Liana have had a visit from the Web Gremlins! So, if you’ve got a minute to spare, please give Anorei’s New Blog a quick visit and leave a comment.

UPDATE: I think there’s still a problem with the comments – I tried submitting a comment and got an error. I’ve just emailed Anorei to let her know. BTW – if anyone is a WordPress Wizzo out there, perhaps you might know why. When you submit a comment, this error “Error: please drag the captcha.” comes up on a blank page after you submit. Any ideas, comment here and I’ll pass to Anorei/Liana.

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Anorei Collins new website & exciting collaboration!

Monday, January 4th, 2010

Got a lovely email from Anorei Collins with some exclusive pics for readers of HHB and some very exciting news!

So, here’s the scoop. Not only is Anorei Collins launching her new site AnoreiCollins.com very very soon but she’s also going to be working with Liana 38MM. What a breathtaking huge breast duo that is going to be!

Here’s what Anorei and Liana have planned: “We’ve got plans for cam shows, photo sets and some bbw conventions together, it’ll be a busy year for the both of us =)”

Apparently, Anorei hooked up with Liana after seeing her here at HHB! – “if I hadn’t seen her on your blog, we’d never have hooked up. Surprises happen, I think you’ll like this one, hehe”.

Both girls like to webcam and they have a show planned together for later in January. Anorei says “I am pleased to announce that Liana and I will be doing a cam show together on January 23rd. =)”

Put that one in the diary folks, it’s sure to be a show to remember!

Regarding Anorei’s new website, AnoreiCollins.com, it should be ready very soon! Anorei says “We’re going to be offering discounted advance membership for fans who sign-up for 6 months & 12 months”.

“For those who sign up ahead of time (the advance members) I’ll be doing a special half hour cam show the night before the site opens.”

“For those who want to pay monthly when the site opens I’ll be on cam for the first 18 hours of live signups! So as soon as you sign up, it’s nonstop fun. It’s not a scripted show, so anything goes (well, almost anything, lol) and I’m down for taking requests (within reason =))”

Watch this space for more news about Anorei’s new website.

Best Huge Breast Newcomers of 2009

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Ok folks, it’s that time again! By now you’ll have had your christmas dinner and be stuffed tighter than a pair of 40LL breasts in a 34FF bra!

So, what better way to spend christmas day than to reflect on the amazing huge breasted newcomers that blessed the pixels of our monitors in 2009. So, without further ado, here is the HHB list of favourites from 2009, as they arrived:

Who did it for you in 2009? Your chance to TALK 2009 TITS in the comments below.

Ginger (from Divine Breasts and Silicone Free)

She bounced onto the huge breast scene back in early February 2009 in a great shoot over at Divine Breasts. Also known as Ana over at Silicone Free and Shirley Maclaine’s busty little sister here at HHB, Ginger consistently did great pic sets and videos throughout the year.

Cierra (from Plumpers and Big Women)

Wow, I just knew this girl was going to be well received! Some testosterone-fuelled comments in the post I did about her. This is one girl I want to see more of.

Ivy Black (from Ethnic Knockers, Hot Movies, Big Blow Job Chicks and Big Tits Curvy Asses)

She’s one big momma with an awfully big pair of titties. I first saw her appear over at Ethnic Knockers, then was delighted to see her in an excellent double blow job video over at Hot Movies. Yes, Ivy Black was a welcome addition to the world of huge breasts in 2009.

Storm 40L (from Juggmaster)

Storm by name Storm 40L by nature! The Juggmaster is a true Connoisseur of Huge Breasts and comes up with beautiful new models year after year. He also knows a thing or two about taking huge breast pics and shooting video!! Storm 40L was my favourite from the Jugg Meister in 2009.

Dors Feline (from Dors Feline)

Sporting more tattoos than a tavern full of sailors, over-developed Dors Feline burst onto the scene and quickly won us over with her pendulous 34K cup treasure chest. Young, confident and beautiful to boot, Dors did lots of picture sets and video on her new site Dors Feline. I like her a lot and need to do lots more posts in 2010.

Renee Ross (from Scoreland and XL Girls)

Being a big fan of the sitcom Married with Kids I was delighted when Kelly-Bundy-lookalike Renee Ross was introduced by the Score Group (Scoreland and XL Girls). There was no sign of the rest of the Bundys – Al, Peggy or Bud – thankfully, but what a lovely show Renee Ross put on in 2009.

Amateur Girlfriends (from My Big Ex-Girlfriend)

The amateur girl above really represents all of the amateur girlfriend pics that featured in 2009 – and there were quite a few, let me tell you! Most of them from My Big Ex-Girlfriend. This girl in particular seemed to strike a chord and provided the fuel for some interesting comments and cult-concepts!

Anorei Collins (from Big Tits Glamour)
Anorei Collins 40LL
I think for many THE FIND of 2009. Anorei Collins caused a shockwave across the huge breast landscape when she arrived in early October 2009. Many of the readers here at HHB rushed out to buy larger screens so they could fit Anorei’s collosal chest on screen! She’s done some fine work already with Big Tits Glamour but the great news is Anorei gets her own site in early 2010.

Of course this is just my thoughts! Your chance to TALK 2009 TITS in the comments below. Who was your favourite newcomerin 2009? Did I miss anyone? :-)

Ok, I’m off now to see if there’s any christmas pudding left!

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Anorei Collins Simply Stunning Santa

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Yo ho ho! they’re here – the new xmas pics of Anorei Collins in her santa costume have just been published by Big Tits Glamour

Yes, christmas is here early courtesy of these new Big Tits Glamour pics – and doesn’t Anorei look divine?

In little over a couple of months she’s become our new star and won our hearts with not only her world class curves but also her beautiful smile and warm personality.Simply stunning…thanks Anorei, and here’s to your success in 2010!

Get the full set of 60+ high-resolution (1024 x 1556 pixel) pictures over at Big Tits Glamour.

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New Anorei Collins Xmas pics…..coming soon!!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Just been over to Big Tits Glamour to see what’s new and was delighted to see their next picture update will be of Anorei Collins in an Xmas shoot………I think they’ll be released over the next couple of days – watch this space :-)

Anorei was telling us she’s off to Italy to shoot some new professional material, although I’m not sure if it’s for Big Tits Glamour or her own site when it’s launched.

Anorei Collins – Best Newcomer Award!

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Hey, just a quickie post to say congrats to Anorei on getting a Best Newcomer Award for her webcam at imLive.

We of course already knew that Anorei was the best but it’s always nice to get confirmation ;-)