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Haydee Rodriguez at Juggmaster

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Haydee Rodriguez has been one of my favourite models of the last couple of years so it’s great to see her working with the Juggmaster

The first word that comes to mind when I look at Haydee’s huge latin tits is bulbous. Perhaps not as evident here but certainly in earlier posts I did like Haydee’s bulbous ended plumper tits and the set where Haydee gets duked in a shaggin wagon.

As well as the above shoot, and other Haydee updates, there’s a ton of other new stuff. Here’s what’s new at Juggmaster that caught my eye:

Lexxxi Lux
aka Anorei Collins (3 sets)

New Girl Giada (3 sets)

Mandy Majestic (3 sets)

Missy 36J (3 sets)

All pics courtesy of Juggmaster.

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Haydee Rodriguez’ Bulbous Ended Plumper Tits

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The last time we saw Haydee Rodriguez she was getting duked in a shaggin’ wagon. This time she’s getting duked again but in a more comfortable location…

Who wouldn’t want to go 1-on-1 with this latino plumper with her oiled up curves and bulbous ended breasts! Haydee’s shot a few scenes now with the Plumper Pass team.

I’ve also managed to find some promo videos from the same shoot. Enjoy…

All pics courtesy of Plumper Pass.

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Haydee Rodriguez gets duked in a shaggin-wagon

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Another great Plump and Heavy update from the kings of plumper hardcore, Plumper Pass. This time it’s Haydee Rodriguez’ getting dirty and sweaty in the back of some lucky dudes shaggin-wagon.

Is it just me or have Haydee’s breasts gotten really big and heavy of late. She didn’t used to be that big but I’m loving the last few shoots she’s done and in particular the look of her heavy bulbous tits.

All pics courtesy of Plumper Pass.

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Sisterhood captures delivery boy

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

News just coming in that an unsuspecting delivery boy has been captured by the Sisterhood. Despite widespread media coverage and warnings about the cult group, it appears that the delivery boy was caught completely off guard.

These pictures were caught by an undercover cult member working for Scoreland website.

It appears that the delivery boy was caught completely off-guard while delivering supplies to a Sisterhood Camp in Florida.

“One minute he was whistling happily, then he caught sight of Haydee’s huge breasts and completely lost the plot” said the Undercover Reporter.

“She moved in very quickly on him and he was putty in her hands within seconds”.

Despite applying some very advanced moves on the unsuspecting boy, it appears that he was in a deep trance very early on in the encounter with the cult member. See picture insert.

The emergence of the Sisterhood Cult was first reported in the comments of this post: Over-developed tits on amateur girlfriends

All pics courtesy of Scoreland.

Working late cleaner fantasy with Haydee Rodriguez

Monday, January 11th, 2010

You’re working late to get that important piece of work finished! When, “HELLO”, you think “I haven’t seen this cleaner before”! “Holy shit, she’s showing some cleavage” you think to yourself.

Yes, it’s time for a working late office cleaner fantasy courtesy of these new Scoreland pics featuring heavy chested latino Haydee Rodriguez :-)

I’ll leave you’re dirty imaginations to fill in the rest of the sordid details on this one…

All pics courtesy of Scoreland where you can get the video of this scene too.

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Big Heavy Bulbous Latino Tits

Monday, November 16th, 2009

More big heavy latino breasts for you now. Yes, this time it’s Haydee Rodriguez’s big heavy bulbous tits getting tit-fucked over at the Plumper Pass

Haydee is another girl who’s plumping up in all the right places lately. She’s always had a lovely pair of tits but now they look much bigger and heavier…..oh yeah! Only one outcome here: big black cock + big heavy bulbous latino tits = very excited tit-fuck!

All pics courtesy of Plumper Pass

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