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Miss Intrigue: Titty Tugging

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Unusually, I managed to find a bit of HHB weekend time to do a quicky post! Check out these new pics from Miss Intrigue

I particularly like the pic were Miss Intrigue is tugging on her tits! Titty tugging always gets me revved up.

For more pics & videos of the Miss Intrigue visit her official website at Mifantasy.

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Miss Intrigue: Bedroom Fun with Busty MILF

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Who else would like to have some bedroom fun with Busty MILF Miss Intrigue? Received these new pics from the lovely Miss Intrigue this week.

I wonder who the lucky guy is in the last couple of pics? Maybe the window cleaner or a door-2-door salesman who’s just hit the jackpot 8)

For more pics & videos of the Miss Intrigue visit her official website at Mifantasy.

Nude on the beach with busty MILF Miss Intrigue

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

More MILF intrigue today from busty sweetheart Miss Intrigue. Check out these nude holiday pics I just received in the mail…

Judging by the background it looks like Miss Intrigue is holidaying in the Greek Islands, where she’s shooting lots more material for her website Mifantasy. Keep it coming!

All pics courtesy of Mifantasy.

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Miss Intrigue 30J cup milf in a barley field

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Got a nice email the other day from lovely Miss Intrigue with these sexy pics…

It’s a lovely sight, I’m sure you’ll agree, seeing a top heavy milf sunning her large breasts in the middle of a barley field like this. For more of this 30J cup milf, get yourself over to Mifantasy, Miss Intrigue’s own website.

All pics courtesy of Mifantasy.

Miss Intrigue ready and waiting

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I just received these new promo pics from lovely Miss Intrigue – from her website Mifantasy. Question is: what’s going on here?

Is this perhaps a scene from a party where a tipsy Miss Intrigue asks you to follow her into the kitchen? And, when you get to the kitchen you find MI LIKE THIS!!

Has Miss Intrigue invited you round for coffee and suddenly realised she’s run out of milk? Perhaps she’s assuming the MI milking position above ready for a power-milking?

Is she waiting for you to lie on the floor and slide your head back into the corner for some BBW facesitting?

Knowing you guys it’ll be far more complex than that! So, imaginations at the ready, it’s over to you to explain just exactly what’s going on here…

All pics courtesy of Mifantasy

Milf Next Door – 30J Cup Miss Intrigue

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I received some nice new promo pics from new girl 30J cupper Miss Intrigue from Mifantasy. I say new girl; Miss Intrigue is actually a 39 year old drop-dead gorgeous milf.

Miss Intrigue describes herself as “a UK dress size 12 and I guess you could say I’m like the girl next door type”.

Imagine for a minute then Miss Intrigue living next door to you.

You nip through to introduce yourself to your new neighbour and she answers the door dressed like this! “ok, ok, ok, ok, OK, OK” you think to yourself :-)

All pics courtesy of Mifantasy

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Miss Intrigue 30J cup newcomer

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I noticed this new girl Miss Intrigue doing the rounds on a couple of blogs. She has her own site over at Mifantasy. She’s also very well endowed with 30J cup hangers on a thin frame.

Not knowing much about Miss Intrigue yet I thought it best to let Miss Intrigue introduce herself. Here’s her intro on her about page:

I’m 39, 5’6″, a UK dress size 12 and I guess you could say I’m like the girl next door type. However for all of you with a penchant for larger all natural busts my measurement is 30J!

How I got started – Like most woman I had the usual body hang ups but after some initial unease about posting pics on the net, I was amazed at the wonderful comments received.

It made me look at my huge assets in a different way, so now instead of them being an annoyance they became something to celebrate. Thereon in I started to look at my body with more confidence and I started to enjoy taking pictures with my partner more and find it really fun which I’m told comes through in my pics.

All pics from Mifantasy featuring Miss Intrigue

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