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Nadine Jansen: Waiting for Clyde, Pregnant Katarina

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Let’s savour Nadine Jansen while we still can. Here are a couple of recent updates called Waiting for Clyde and Pregnant Katarina.

Great new picture set from Nadine-j posing as one half of the notorious American outlaws and robbers Bonnie and Clyde. And another set with pregnant Katerina Hartlova.

Waiting for Clyde, October 2014

Pregnant Katarina, August 2014

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Nadine Jansen: Big Tit Legend?

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Time to savour what could be some of the last new pictures we see of Nadine Jansen. These pics are from her latest updates Stairs to the garden, Fitting Room and Summerday in May.

In case you don’t already know, Nadine-j is closing at the end of this year! Let’s enjoy these Nadine Jansen Pics while we still can. Many of us have grown-up with Nadine – big tit legend?

Stairs to the Garden, August 2014

Fitting Room, June 2014

Summerday in May, May 2014

Get Nadine Jansen’s Pictures and Videos at her official website Nadine-j.de.

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Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba – Sites Closing!!

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

Thanks to JoeG for the heads-up on this.

Bad News Folks!! Nadine Jansen‘s website is closing at the end of this year and Daktari Lorenz and Milena Velba are thinking of closing Milena-Velba.de at the end of 2014 too! Your thoughts?

Here’s what it says on the two websites:


may 11, 2014
Wow, this was long time. We did not expect that this website would be so successfull for over 13 years. You know what is coming now. Everything must come to an end (except Universe of course). We will close this website at the end of this year. We want to say ‘thanks’ to everyone who supported us, whether it was through memberships or with nice comments in blogs , forums etc. even without any affiliate program. All of you gave us the chance to have a wonderful time. Hope you will enjoy this website until the end of this year.

Milena Velba

may 8th, 2014
Decisions. At the moment we don’t make any more money with this website. We are thinking about closing this place at the end of this year. If the situation should change in a positive direction, we might think again about making this step.

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Nadine Jansen: 2014 Pictures

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Nadine Jansen is slowing down a little these days but she’s just released some new 2014 pictures called Rural Bath.
nadine jansen 2013 pictures

I just wish the new crop of models would learn from girls like Nadine-j, Milena Velba and Chloe Vevrier! How to be build a long term career properly! Nadine looks better than ever.

Emma Sinclaire with super puffy nipples has been milked silly over at Nadine-j.de recently!

Here are some other recent updates to the stellar archive over at Nadine-j.de, featuring Emma Sinclaire, Nika & Katerina, Lina, Lina & Marie, Romi & Katerina and Vendy. Lots to like!

Get Nadine Jansen’s Pictures and Videos at her official website Nadine-j.de.

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Nadine Jansen: Best Garage EVER!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

This looks like the World’s best garage to me. “We’re just fixing your car now sir, Nadine will take care of you while you wait!”

nadine jansen 2013 pictures

A couple of recent updates from Nadine-jbusty mechanic and looking she-devilish in leather.

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Nadine Jansen: New 2013 Pictures

Monday, October 21st, 2013

I haven’t posted enough of Nadine Jansen in the past! Here’s some new 2013 pictures of Nadine Jansen…

nadine jansen 2013 pictures

These recent shoots are entitled ‘as time goes by’, ‘log off’ and ‘orange polka dots’. Nadine is looking really svelte these days but still a complete goddess! Get more at Nadine-j.de.

Get Nadine Jansen’s Pictures and Videos at her official website Nadine-j.de.

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Micky or Nadine?

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Apologies for the lack of updates in the last week folks! Should be up to speed again as of today. So, I didn’t have time for a full post today but I saw the picture below and it begged the question:

One Night, No Holds Barred: Micky or Nadine?

You may remember I posed a similar question a while back asking you Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba or Miosotis? . Well I’d be interested to get your thoughts on this one too. Gorgeous Micky or the equally gorgeous Nadine Jansen?

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Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba or Miosotis?

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Ok, hypothetical question! One night, one girl, who would you choose?Nadine Jansen, Milena Velba or Miosotis

nadine jansen milena velba miosotis clothed

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