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Norma Stitz: Queen of Tits

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

I’ve had quite a few requests for some massive vintage tits and in particular the Queen of Tits: Norma Stitz.

She’s the Undisputed Queen of Breast and just gets better and better. You can get full-size pics and videos over at NormaStitz.com, and Watch Norma Stitz on Live Webcam over at Streamate.

Download Norma’s Hi-Res Pictures and Videos at NormaStitz.com

norma_stitz – Chat LIVE with Norma at imLive.

Finally, couldn’t help making a little Norma Stitz fan art!

Download Norma’s Hi-Res Pictures and Videos at NormaStitz.com

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Norma Stitz Compilation Gallery

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

This Norma Stitz Compilation Gallery is long overdue. So without further ado, here is my compilation of Norma Stitz pictures both recent and vintage.

NORMA_STITZ – Click here for Norma’s Live Webcam

norma_stitz – Chat LIVE with Norma at imLive.

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Norma Stitz Really Massive Tits

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Un-bra-lievable! I stumbled upon this pics of Norma Stitz the other day and it quite literally took my breath away! What an amazing picture…

norma stitz really massive tits

Norma is still one of the busiest bustiest models these days, primarily via Norma’s LIVE Webcam.

norma stitz on webcamnorma stitz on webcam

Click here to see if NORMA is LIVE now!
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Norma Stitz’ Huge Shiny Black Bra

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Just found these new profile pics over at Norma Stitz Live Webcam page…

norma stitz on webcam

Norma must have some of the most well constructed bras ever made. This massive black shiny bra is yet another that features in the her profile pics over on Norma’s LIVE Webcam. Just look at the sheen on that heavily swollen bra!

norma stitz on webcamnorma stitz on webcam

norma stitz on webcamnorma stitz on webcam

Click here to see if NORMA is LIVE now!
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Norma Stitz – New Profile Pics

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Holy moses, just been browsing Norma Stitz LIVE webcam and saw these new profile pics….

Norma Stitz – LIVE webcam

Officially, the heaviest bra on the planet!!

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Norma Stitz – huge shiny bra

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

God damn, how I love big shiny bras like this! Just been browsing over at Norma Stitz LIVE webcam and saw these new profile pics.

Norma Stitz – LIVE webcam

The world’s biggest huge shiny bra!

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Norma Stitz after the Pyjama Party

Friday, March 26th, 2010

A short clip from one of my favourite Norma Stiz videos – Home Alone With Teddy & The Dog

Big Norma arrives home after a pyjama party feeling rather horny. In the clip above Norma takes off her panties and puts her massive tits through the holes so that the crotch sits in her cleavage! A very sexy move….

Home Alone With Teddy & The Dog

Norma of course owns her own production company – Norma Stitz Productions – featuring only girls with huge breasts: Norma Stitz, Ms Titty, Ivy Black, Ms Pontoons, Michelle, Bernie, Fantastic Cat, Summer Lashay…..and many many more.

You can watch 45 Norma Stitz Movies over at Hot Movies. RECOMMENDED :-)

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Big Norma Stitz – new webcam profile pics

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Just a quick update with some new profile pics from norma_stitz LIVE webcam at imLive.

She just gets better and better and better. A breast man’s dream to webcam with!

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Norma Stitz Live Webcam – New Profile Pics

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

A quicky post with some update profile pics from Norma Stitz Webcam. Thw woman with the world’s largest tits just gets better with age. What a power rack she has…

Imagine having your head sandwiched in between those huge celestial bodies. Or Norma smothering you with her full-weight….holy smoke!

If you haven’t checked out Norma on Webcam yet then I heartily recommend it – I was a bit star-struck when I first chatted with her but once we relaxed, boy what a show she put on!

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3 real big ‘uns for the weekend

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Hey, 3 real big big girls to look out for over the weekend if you like BBWs. Yes, big all over big not just in the tits department.

First up, new girl BigTitsWow69 – I managed to catch this gorgeous BBW live and she’s awesome. Alicia-Loren-cute but a much bigger girl…


Next up, BBWCajun. This this is the first time I’ve managed to catch her live and review. I don’t normally like girls this big but something about her huge-ass panties got me too fucking horny…


Finally, the ultimate big mama herself Norma Stitz. I’ve managed to catch her live a couple of times now and she is awesome. Lovely to speak to and boy can she role play…not to be missed!!!

Norma Stitz