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Plumper Pass: Best of BBW

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Time to catch up with what’s new over at Plumper Pass. Lots of updates featuring the Best of BBW on the web. Check out these picture sets and trailers.

Molly Howard Stairway To Molly
molly howard stairway to molly
Pictures Movie
Samantha G Double Timing Queen
Samantha G Double Timing Queen
Pictures Movie
Anastasia Vanderbust Big Babe Shake Out
Anastasia Vanderbust Big Babe Shake Out
Pictures Movie
Lexxi Luxe No Pain No Gain
Lexxi Luxe No Pain No Gain
Pictures Movie
Veronica Vaughn Black Cock Injection
Veronica Vaughn Black Cock Injection
Pictures Movie
Sashaa Juggs BBW Bikini Bash
sahsaa juggs BBW Bikini Bash
Pictures Movie
Nikki Smith Wax On Wax Off
Nikki Smith Wax On Wax Off
Pictures Movie
Cotton Candi Analicious Candi
cotton candi Analicious Candi
Pictures Movie

Download the full Hi-Res Picture Sets and Watch the HD Movies over at Plumper Pass

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Huge Tits Lying Back: Which One?

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Ok, hypothetical question. Check out the amazing models below – all have outstanding huge tits lying back. Quicky tit fuck. Which one?

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Juggmaster Pictures: Favourite Models (Part 2)

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Time for part 2 of my favourite Juggmaster models. These are girls who have featured more recently…

Who is Your Favourite Juggmaster Model?

Here is part 2 of my favourite Juggmaster models. Starting from top to bottom, left to right: Mara 38KK, Lexxxi Luxe, Maggie Dubonet, Mandy Majestic, Haydee Rodriguez, Nicole Sands, Sapphire, Amazon and Sofia Rose.

Get full Hi-Res Picture Sets and HD Videos of these girls at Juggmaster.

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Juggmaster Pictures: Favourite Models (Part 1)

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

I re-joined the excellent Juggmaster website the other day, primarily to check out the new pics and vids of Mara 38KK. However, I’ve got so many favourites over there that I decided to do a couple of posts of my favourite Juggmaster models

Who is Your Favourite Juggmaster Model?

There’s far too many favourite models to gram into one post, so here goes with Part 1 of my favourites. Starting from top to bottom, left to right: Honey Juggs, Missy, Colette, Lana, Juggmistress, Cre, Samantha Slopes, Chaka and Amber.

Get full Hi-Res Picture Sets and HD Videos of these girls at Juggmaster.

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Huge Tits Over The Shoulder View

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

I was thumbing through my archive the other day and couldn’t help but notice that these Huge Tits Over The Shoulder View poses looked really similar – Roberta Smallwood, anon, anon, Cassandra Cox. These girls belong to an elite club!

Below are some girls I’d love to see posing for the Huge Tits Over The Shoulder View! There’s really too many to mention in one post but these girls would be at the top of my list.

Who Would You Like To See Posing Like This?

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How SCORE Finds Big Tit Models

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Ever wondered how the SCORE finds and recruits its models? Well I stumbled upon this link (be a score model) earlier today while reading this SCORE blog post. It’s a pretty interesting site.

Having been a SCORE fan for years, I’ve got to be honest, it’s something I’ve never really thought about too much. That is, how those huge breasted lovelies get on the SCORE Payroll.

Kind of left me wondering how many models are recruited this way? Most of the models I like at SCORE were probably already well established before SCORE worked with them.

Maybe this is how lucky bastard got recruited! He got to work Kristina Milan, Vanessa Del and Miosotis. Ok, now where’s my camera…front, side and back shots…

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Jerkoff Encouragement by ‘Circle of Huge Tits’

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Lol, this one is a bit of a fantasy post. For all those partial to Jerkoff Encouragement Movies then how about You Sitting in the Middle of this Circle of Huge Tits…getting all the dirty encouragement you need from the girls!!

This is a classic shot taken in late 2001 during the filming of Mega-Boob Olympics by Scoreland. It always gets me going this shot!!

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Who is your favourite 90s big-tit-big-hair model?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

This post celebrates big tits, big hair and the 1990s! I know quite a few of you are fans of the big feathered hair look of the era. Question is: who is your favourite big hair busty model?

Top L-R: Darlene Lupone, Gabi, Ildiko
Middle L-R: Jenny Hill, Larissa Romano, Lisa Miller
Botton L-R: Lisa Philips, Nilli Willis, Rhonda Baxter

If there’s enough interest in any of the above models, or any other 90s big-tit-big-hair models I’ve not mentioned above, then I could be persuaded to put a pic post together.

All pics courtesy of XL Girls.

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Silicone Free – so many girls but who to post?

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

There’s so many girls at Silicone Free that I still haven’t posted about yet. I actually got stuck today and didn’t know who to post about. So, here’s the deal, I decided to pick quite a few (and post some snippets) and let you decide who you’d like to see a full post on.

Some new girls and some not so new from Silicone Free but who would you like to see a full post on?

Jemilyn – heavy looking young guns

Pam – an old favourite

Brenda – new ‘mature’ girl with huge nipples

Nikki – careful Nikki, you’ll hurt your back lifting those babies

Jitka – new girl

Destina – keeping her identitties under wraps

DLyshaJonez – nice big heavy ones

All pics courtesy of Silicone Free.

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Womdigous Mammary Glands

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Ok, this one gets in on the strength of the original film Weird Science being on of my favourite movies of the 80s – hard to believe it was over 20 years ago now!!

Here’s what would really have happened had Gary and Wyatt created that girl with Womdigous Mammary Glands – SHE’S ALIVE…….ALIVE……….introducing Boob Science

You can Watch the Trailer at Boob Science

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