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Chelsea’s ever expanding breasts!

Just watch this vid over at Smoothie Luv’s blog and thought it was worth reposting here. Chelsea had Polypropylene Breast Implants around 9 years ago and her tits have been expanding ever since.

Watch out for the over-zealous Japanese guy arounnd 2:00 – fucking hilarious.

BTW – if you want to see Chelsea Charms huge breasts being tit-fucked, now you can, well sort of, over at Thrill Charms.

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5 Responses to “Chelsea’s ever expanding breasts!”

  1. clarity Says:

    I really admire women like her, and anyone who has an extreme bodypart, e.g., extremely large labia, huge nipples, massive/round belly, and so on. It takes a special person like Chelsea to use their body as both the stage and the art! Can you imagine a date with her? I wouldn’t stare at her breasts, I’d just talk to her. Now later, in bed, I’d braille her entire body!

  2. femsup Says:

    I have to admire women like her too.Though I would rather they be naturally that huge I can appreciate what she has to go through.The sniggering the stares.She deserves our gratitiude for understanding our obsession and making it hers.

    Seeing them clothed is far better than naked when they are this false.I was astounded about the fluid filling them up and nature responding by finding her having huge breasts and making sure they get even bigger.The conclusion must be that bigger and bigger breasts are an evolutionary trend.

    In my life time breasts in the UK have gone from a 34B average to a 38D one.So in the future I hope to see an average of 42 F.

  3. Hugey Says:

    Hey Clarity, you must be really disciplined! There’s way I could survive a date without conitually checking-out Chelsea’s huge fluid filled globes. Love the Braille idea though :-)

    Hey Fem, interesting fact that womens breasts are increasing/evolving so quickly! I mean in our lifetime! In generations to come perhaps the average will be JJ-cups!! And more and more recreation time can be spent around appreciating and worshipping huge heavenly breasts.

  4. Person Says:

    Great idea, everyone will be part of some breast worshipping cult obsessed with finding the rapidly ever expanding breasts

  5. heyhey Says:

    that’s just weird :–)

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