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Cheron in her new 32MM bra

Earlier in the month I got an email from Cheron 32K asking if I’d do a post asking for ideas for photo shoots – you’ll find that post here: Cheron 32K wants to know your fantasies.

So, after I had a few responses from you guys I decided to fire off an email to Cheron.

In the back of my mind, I still wasn’t 100% convinced I was really corresponding with the ‘real’ Cheron. So, over the weekend, it was a nice surprise to get confimation by way of this picture. Check it out :-)

Also waiting for me in my email, were these beautiful new pictures of Cheron sporting a 32MM bra, courtesy of Top Heavy Amateurs. Thanks guys :-) A few blogs have already posted some of these, so I’ve decided to concentrate of the bra shots.

All pics courtest of Top Heavy Amateurs.

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10 Responses to “Cheron in her new 32MM bra”

  1. cj Says:

    these are some great pics of you. keep up the great work.

  2. Breast Obsessed Says:

    I do love Cheron. She’s got some absolutely amazing breasts! Thanks for sharing her.

  3. hugey Says:

    She is amazing. As well as her amazing rack, I love the look of her soft tummy in these pics….

    I think pic no.10 above is my fav in this set. Some amazing physics going on there!

    Cheron, if you’re reading, I look forward to more shots in big bras – especially the request for the 1950s nylon pointy number :-)

  4. Jumpy Says:

    It was my suggestion to have Cheron do a photo shoot wearing a Jeunique bra, and told BF from topheavy where he cold fine a 32 MM on e-bay, he bid on it and won. Just looking at Cheron I could tell she was bigger than a 32, I reckon more like a 34 / 36. Now as every one can clearly see the 32 MM dose not fit Cheron not even close. A 34 K or a 36 L is alot bigger than a 32MM, as the photos show Cheron is bulging out of the top of the bra, her boobs are much bigger than the cup size. To get a bra to fit her well I reckon she would have to get a 38 K and have the back taken in to fit her back. I asked BF to take photos of Cheron back while she was wearing the new bra but because she could not close the back strap the photos never happen.
    All in all I thought the quality of all the photos was poor. I reckon the name of the site should be topheavey/ amateure photographer.
    Anyone who wants to see top quality photos of big bras check out Daktari’swork at Miosotis, Milena or Nadine. Great big bra photos.
    And as far as contacting Cheron thru some email address, are you kidding? your talking to some guy who works for BF at topheavy amateuers

  5. hugey Says:

    Hey Jumpy,
    Yes, credit definitely goes to you dude. You certainly know your bras. I emailed over all the comments including yours – maybe you spoke with BF as well? When I first saw the shots, initially on Reese’s MyBoobSite, I did wonder if it was the bra you’d requested…

    Disagree with you on the quality point though. I think THA has a look and feel all of there own. Yes, there’s no mistaking the quality of Daktari’s work with Mio, Velba and Jansen, and the world’s a better place for it but, come on, credit where credit is due, THA has some awesome content. I don’t see it as poor. They don’t do the high gloss, high production, photoshop thing and that’s precisely what I like about them.

    Regarding the email to Cheron, BF is just her PA :-)

  6. Cheron_32K Says:

    Now i have to prove that it is actually me that write email? hahaha it is me JUMPY and HUGEY… read my boobs! lol

  7. Jumpy Says:

    Hey Cheron
    LOL you just did a shoot with BF and he took that photo at that time. OK if it’s you send out a photo of you wearing that bra but this time show the back strap….. If you want the right size bra let me know I’ll send it to you. lol

  8. hugey Says:

    Hey Cheron,

    No need to convine me further, the photo is enough for me :-)

    Got to say I love these recent pics and would love to see lots more bra shots whether it’s retro 50s bras or otherwise – perhaps Jumpy can send you a couple from his collection ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by,

  9. Jaime Says:

    wow, if that IS Cheron writing in I have to put my 2 cents in for her. keeping it real, Cheron is the most beautiful model i have seen despite the fact that her face is hidden from view. it would be a prize if she let her face be photographed as well and nobody would bat an eyelash if she wasn’t perfect or something. just gotta say, please keep up the good work. we will pay, i will pay, just keep it coming. jaime ps the bra shots are by far my favorite- i don’t care what size they put you in, just hire out a seamstress! (I only seek the breasts of darkness to suckle by the night).

  10. Bob H Says:

    It doesn’t really matter to me what size bra she wears. Those beauties are simply awesome. I prefer photo shoots of large titted models without the bra anyway. Who really cares if she is a MM, J, K, or L? All are huge cup sizes and we all know Cheron has incredibly large tits. That’s all that really matters. So just appreciate the view and be thankful that she is willing to share with us.

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