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Chesty Morgan and Abbi Secraa related?

I recently re-joined Vintage Cuties and headed straight for
the Chesty Morgan archive. I started thinking about the similarities with Abbi Secraa…

They were both born in Poland and more importantly they both seem to share the same impossible Huge Breast DNA allied with a slim body.

Abbi Secraa Pictures

Compare the Chesty Morgan pictures above with some of these Abbi Secraa Pictures and let me know your thoughts on this important huge breast DNA matter.

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16 Responses to “Chesty Morgan and Abbi Secraa related?”

  1. misterc Says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC. Brings back great memories of the first of my favorite big breast ladies. All natural & huge, and damned sexy too boot……What a woman…!

    I think Abbi is a shade larger, but the sexiness is about the same for me. Simply stunning…..

  2. smotherme Says:

    It’s called POLAND!!! who has some of the most beautiful women in the world and make us Polish men happy & proud.
    Both Chesty and Abbi are 4 of the greatest natural resources ever to come out of Poland!

  3. Breastaholic Says:

    Well I don’t think they are related. However they do have similar faces and of course breasts. But that’s like asking if Samantha 38G and Renee Ross are related. Probably not. Plus I do think that is a wig Chesty is wearing. I can’t be sure she’s really a blonde.

    On topic though is that I think doctors somewhere have isolated the “big breast DNA” in the human genome. There are like 7 related areas of DNA, or something like that and not all are linked to gender.

  4. Breastaholic Says:

    I think Jennifer Anniston looks a LOT more like Abbi Secraa than Chesty. I think Jenn is related actually.

  5. Lisa Suzanne Says:

    Really do not think they are related, but it does seem
    like many very busty women do come from Poland..
    MMMmmm, must be in their DNA for sure..
    Abbi is the most fantastic lady..

    your Seattle Shemale.. xoxo

  6. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Cool to see “Chesty” here on the site. Saw her act at the old “Show World Center” in Times Square here in NYC. If I remember correctly, it had to be in 1981 (yes, Im old. lol!). Impressive tits, need I say! Most importantly, just a nice person. A real lady, classy as hell, and a good sense of humor to boot. Hope she’s enjoying her retirement.

  7. Hugey Says:

    Handsome D – regarding Chesty Morgan’s retirement it seems she’s doing just fine. Just been reading over at HiBoobs that she’s now a tar roofer :) Check it out:

  8. smotherme Says:

    I saw a similar article about Chesty’s retirement – the roofs she is tarring are apartment units she owns. She invested wisely. Chesty has known great loss – her parents were killed by the Nazi’s, her 1st husband was gunned down in his butcher shop in NYC, her elder daughter and her 2nd husband were both killed in separate automobile accidents. She is a survivor. The article said she was flat chested til 16 and then by 18 very developed so she may have had Virginal Breast Hypertrophy. Whatever she had, we LIKE!

  9. luvembig Says:

    I too, kinda thought there was a resemblance. Probably not related though. But they definitely share the sisterhood of being extremely large breasted, which is why we love them both. Polish women are some of the most beautiful in the world.

  10. ZZ TOP Says:


  11. bigboobluva Says:

    you can youtube double agent 69. corny but it has chesty in it

  12. Hugey Says:

    Smotherme – yes, it sounds like Chesty has been through a lot. Great to see her up on that roof taking care of business :) I’ve got a lot of admiration for her.

    You’re a lucky man to be in Poland – beautiful beautiful women there!

  13. smotherme Says:

    I do not live in Poland but I am Polish and proud of it.
    As I say, Chesty is a survivor as are many (but too few) Poles
    of her generation.
    Yes, Poland is blessed with beautiful ladies!

  14. big band Says:

    l’ m German
    an l think the German are the most beautiful women large breasts
    KAROLA German Model

  15. SueBB Says:

    With all due respect to Chesty I have to say she might very well have possessed the best figure of all models. I was not really familair with her prior to this posting other then having seen a picture or two with no name association. I’m in awe of her tits, slenderness and she is pretty. I suppose during those times that was the look but you can see in pic of her kneeling gazing up she was gorgeous. It would have been fantastic to see her act on stage. Being respectful I won’t say anymore but thanks Hugey for the posting and identification, she is far and away more attractive then Abby that is not to say Abby isnt there is clearly for me the choice would be Chesty in her prime.

  16. SueBB Says:

    Hugey….btw the Abby schoolgirl posting was very good too so thanks. Still Chesty is my choice lol.

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