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Cotton Candi: Nude Pictures XX-Cel

Following on from my recent Cotton Candi post, XX-Cel has released Cotton Candi fully nude pictures.

To lead into these new pictures, here’s a reminder of some of the clothed Cotton Candi pictures from the earlier post

And here’s a sample of the most recent pictures from XX-Cel

Get the Full Hi-Res Picture Sets and HD Videos over at XX-Cel.

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9 Responses to “Cotton Candi: Nude Pictures XX-Cel”

  1. Juggsman Says:

    Over the years I have often attempted to set the standards by which I define huge udders, my standards have changed as I have become older. When I was younger I used to feel that if they hung to level with the elbow when standing straight they were what I was looking for and they would still be considered big. But my standard is now for them to hang to the tummy button I then consider them huge. The point of all this being that it sums up Cotton and classifies her as huge.

    Do and other guys here have tits sizing standard similar of different form my own system.

  2. luvembig Says:

    Cool. Does Cel have full length 360 degree panoramic photos of her? I’m with you Juggsman. They gotta hang to the belly button.

  3. Big tits Says:

    I would love to try to LIFT those enormous boobs

  4. hugey Says:

    Juggsman – Likewise, my definition of huge has changed dramatically over the last 5 or 6 years! Some of the girls modelling now are not just huge but H-UU-GE :)

    I agree it’s something special when they hang down to belly button. That is a real badge of honour held by only a few.

  5. tuggerjb Says:

    OMG! Cotton is one, sexy SSBBW! I just love her eyes. Must admit, I can’t help wanting to f*** her bellybutton in pic six lol! You gotta love the fact that she had to lift those massive, milk jugs just to see it! Damn, I love me some Cotton Candi!

  6. Charles Says:

    Divine juggs! Everything that huge and heavy breasts means! Now I’m burning to know more! Like I was just discussing with MrC … HERE is where I want to know the breast girth for sure!! I don’t really care how low they hang, I just want to know how fat those funbags are!

  7. Femsup Says:

    The last pic is like two Russian Orthodox onion domes on her chest. I would pray there!

  8. Femsup Says:

    There is large there is huge and then there is gigantic which Cottons is. They look good and heavy too.

  9. Luis Says:

    I LOVE COTTON CANDI !!!!!!!!!!

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