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Deja New Pictures at XL Girls

I’ve always lusted over Deja‘s BBW sport body – thick in all the right places. Check out these promo pics from her latest shoot over at XL Girls

Anyone else got a thing for Huge Tits in Velvet Dresses? I used to date a girl who had a dress just this colour and had huge tits! Man, did that dress do it for me…btw, if you do like this look then you’ll love another post I did Alicia Loren in a green velvet dress…enjoy ;)

The really great news for webcam fans is that she’s started camming over at imLive as msdeja_44ff! Got to say her tits look way bigger that 44FF, more like 44JJ…and her ass and thighs are to die for!

Click here to see if Ms Deja is LIVE now!
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9 Responses to “Deja New Pictures at XL Girls”

  1. clarity Says:

    Holy shit.
    Got Dam man!
    Lordy, Lordy!
    Frankly, I DO give a damn!

    I’m at a loss for words.

  2. Jeff L Says:

    It’s great to see Ms. Deja back and looking lovely as ever! She recently managed to climb into my top ten Favorite Huge Heavy Breasts of All-Time. Which is really saying something! She hasn’t released a ton of photos, really, but the fact she’s so pretty, flashes a joyful smile, and maintains her boomingly thick but athletic figure just enhances her legendarily huge, bouncy boobs.

    I mean… there aren’t many ladies in the history of the human race toting HER over-endowed size and shape, know what I mean? With HER face? And THAT ass? Wow. She’s just unique.

    And ought to be studied. Well, her donated blood samples should be, anyway. Just in case global human reproduction rapidly starts to decline for some reason. Deja’s genes could bring us back from the edge and then some. And then some more. And then even more, I’m thinking. Until we’re better off than we were before Children of Men.

    Okay, that last part probably kills my credibility, but who knows?

    Ms. Deja might have plans.

    Thanks, Hugey!

  3. Hugey Says:

    Jeff L – You’re credibility’s always in the ascendency here at HHB! Good to hear from you again Jeff, you’ve always responded well to Deja posts ;-) i know you’re a big fan of the BBW Sport look…

    Can’t disgree with you putting Deja forward as a perfect template for any future needs the human race might have with regard to breeding programs!

    Good to hear from you again bro :)

  4. Femsup Says:

    Yes what bautiful curves fighting one another in a survival of the fittest and fattest.Such power.Love her thighs and what breasts.Surely most would want to repopulate with her.

  5. Jeff L Says:

    Hehe. I went a little overboard with a few of those futuristic comments, Hugey, but it’s true I dig Ms. Deja. She just kind possesses an upbeat “realness” that’s at the same time, kind of yummily unreal. Everything she’s got, put together, is the bomb.

    And I’ll stand by that!

  6. Tony Says:

    I Hope you are enjoying your vacation Hugey :)

  7. josh Says:

    She needs to be the new logo for big tits!

  8. bigman Says:

    Damn, I would love for her to pose for http://www.ethnicbigboobs.com!!

  9. mike robertson Says:

    hey deja havnt seen you since run/shoot in district height maryland love all your picture i would love to have an auto graph please love you mike

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