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Divine Breasts content on Hot Movies

Just noticed that Divine Breasts has uploaded lots of its content to Hot Movies. There’s 13 volumes including some of the best stuff Alicia Loren did when she was milking.

Divine Breasts: Volmues 1 – 13

Regulars will know that I’m a big fan of Hot Movies and for good reason. It terms of huge tits they’re a mile ahead of any of the other movies sites I’ve tried. The others always have a big tits category but you’re lucky if you can find a pair of cans bigger than D-cup! Ok, they might have 1 or 2 good movies but they just don’t have the depth.

Home Alone with Norma!

Not so on Hot Movies. All the good stuff ends up there eventually. Norma Stitz for instance – apart from on her own site you won’t find her movies anywhere else….legally that is :-)

You can probably tell I’m spent far too much time over there today. I was checking out Norma’s latest update Home Alone with Teddy and the Dog!

Love the position she’s taking up below. The crutch area over-hang is absolutely astounding! Even with her legs fully akimbo there’s still not enough room to accomodate the world’s largest tits.

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3 Responses to “Divine Breasts content on Hot Movies”

  1. femsup Says:

    Yes seeing such size and pulchritude so amptly demonstrated by those breasts that reach to the upper thighs is a joy.

    Her use of the oil to apply gently to herself also made me think again on the vital aspect of loving oneself before you can love another.

    Its so nice to see a big woman stroking herself and caring for her health and looks.She is saying she is worthy to be worshipped by others if she first worships her body herself.

    But her size and mobility also brought up another thought.Norma could have a breast reduction but obviously chooses not to.By doing so her mobility is impaired and she may have back pain.We should all be grateful for her tolerance in putting up with any suffering and discomfort to remain what she exemplifies.That is a large huge breasted woman of power and kindness who is gracious to let us view her her glory.For this and many other things we should try to limit her burdens and be at her feet looking up in awe and respect.

  2. hugey Says:

    Yes, can you imagine trying to hold those huge oiled breasts given their incredible weight. Huge, slippery and dangerous…

    A smothering from Norma would be very severe. Perhaps the sisters employ her whenever they have a particularly resitant subject. Norma uses her advanced tool set to slowly take their resistance apart…

  3. femsup Says:

    Yes indeed the Huge Breast Sisterhood would revere Her as a high priestess not only for Her all dominating breasts but for Her all dominating wisdom and personality.

    Many of her subjects will have tucked away a bit of resistance to their obsessio for huge breasts and this must be found and snuffed out evry appropriately by the woman with the biggest known breasts on the planet smothering them till they fully convert and accept their obsession.

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