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Early Jenny Hill Pictures: Big Hair, Big Smile and Very Big Breasts

She was my very first huge breast favourite and one of the models who insprired me to start this blog, wonderful Jenny Hill


Encouraged by the comments in my 90s big-hair and big-tit models post the other day, I’ve decided to start a series of posts honouring favourite models of the era. Where better to start than with gorgeous Jenny Hill and one of the first sets she ever did for XL Girls.

All pics courtesy of XL Girls.

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11 Responses to “Early Jenny Hill Pictures: Big Hair, Big Smile and Very Big Breasts”

  1. Sean Says:

    Never heard of a Q size bra before, but great breast all the same

  2. Hugey Says:

    Hi Sean – yes when I did my first post of Jenny here at HHB her website was quoting 38Q cup – marketing!

    I’m sure Jenny’s real size is around the 38MM mark – beautifully massive and overwhelming.

    She’s bigger and heavier now than she was in these early pics…

  3. Sean Says:

    Thanks Hugey, really appreciate the frequent updates to this blog, rest assured you’re well up in the favourites list…

  4. femsup Says:

    You can be fat and fit!Just hope she does not take it to seriously and lose that boob flesh.

  5. femsup Says:

    Theres milk in then that Jenny Hills!

  6. Tony Says:

    Liking the retro boobs Hugey :thumbsup:

  7. Charles Says:

    I love Jenny Hill. I watched her from the first set she shot at age 18 and bought some of her vids. I have made love to women who also liked big tits and got off with them while watching Jenny’s vids. She is the biggest Voluptuous magazine ever regularly featured. She’s independant minded and has never appeared on Juggmaster or any other ‘group’ website. She is Jenny. Period.

    Jenny and her website bbwjennyhill seems to have stopped. Anyone know the reason she quit? She was making a HUGE breakthrough with her teamup with Summer LaShay, Ms. Diva, and Simone Fox. The gathering was called “Big Boob Summit” and if you are into big chocolate titties, you’d agree that never have so many good looking black chicks got together for their big tits. Then — poof! — Jenny stops doing any photo sets at all. Anyone know the story?

  8. Hugey Says:

    Hi Charles – Not sure what Jenny is up to right now or whether she has quit. For a while, just after she launched BBWJennyHill, I used to get emails from her (or more likely her webmaster) with promo content and news. But haven’t heard anything for ages.

    Pretty much the sexiest women on the planet for me, so I really hope that she get’s it going again.

  9. femsup Says:

    There should be more summits like that.Where huge breasted women get together to discuss their impending take over of the world.These meetings are already held by the Huge Breast Sisterhood.

  10. stefanny Says:

    Great breast ! i really love normal picture in the 80 or 90 … not perspective pics like these days to grow breast ! …

  11. Charles Says:

    Well hugey, since we agree about Jenny’s prime status, I’ll pass on a theory. I did join her site and the last photo set posted included her and Ms. Titty (aka Shar) and I appeared as if Jenny has some kind of blemish or bruise on her chest on the right side. Like a varicose vein type of thing on the breast. The angles used did not let me have a huge look. It seemed like the thing Mikhail Gorbachov has on his forhead, except in miniature and on the breast. But it could have been my imagination … But if she has something unsightly, I can imagine that would make her quit. After that there are no more photo sets and no one has blogged on her site in a year or more. It’s really dead.

    A toast to Jenny. She got me off so many times! I have found her videos on Dailymotion. I found her “Latin Dance” video to be about the sexiest Jenny video I’ve ever seen. Check it out and celebrate.

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