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Enormous heavy breasts of JenniferB on webcam

Holy GitanticBraBurstingBoobies……. I’ll still trying to steady myself after stumbling across these video clips earlier this morning.

Now you’ve been warned – watch at your own risk!

JenniferB has absolutely huge heavy breasts of Norma Stitz proportions. Check out the way those enormous tits cover JenniferB’s thighs. Oh man, I need another black coffee….

Watch this space for more JenniferB……. :-)

UPDATE: I’ve been searching around and managed to find the source of the above videos. The good news is JenniferB does LIVE webcam shows, bad news is I don’t when she’s on next. :-(

Check out JenniferB at naughty-homecams.

p.s. please leave a comment below with date/time if you manage to find JenniferB LIVE online.

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28 Responses to “Enormous heavy breasts of JenniferB on webcam”

  1. steve Says:

    i am in love true tit mans dream

  2. steve Says:

    them nipples are made for heavy sucking, can not believe no one else has posted on this great site. i need jen.

  3. hugey Says:

    hi Steve, you’re absolutely right on 2 counts: she IS a true tit man’s dream and those nipples look so suckable :-)

    I’ll look into doing a follow up post….watch this space

  4. steve Says:

    steve again cant stop watching this, i owe you a pint, best ever in 30 odd years obssesion

  5. hugey Says:

    Glad you’re getting ‘regular’ enjoyment from the blog Steve – Guinness will do nicely :-)

    JenniferB is incredible – can’t believe more blogs/sites haven’t posted about her! Perhaps they have I just haven’t stumpled upon them yet.

    Never did manage to find her broadcasting LIVE – might be time to do some more investigating!!!

    I always meant to do a follow-up post – so much new stuff on the scene to blog about haven’t found the time.

    I’ll add it to my post to-do list.

  6. steve Says:

    best titman site on the web been, a tit lover since 12 now 47, if they don’t hang to belly button it does not work for me looks like you got same taste?

  7. hugey Says:

    you’re a hard man to please Steve :-)

    Have to agree with you though. I too have been a tit man since around 12 and absolutely love it when the belly button is reached :-)

    I do like a bit of shape as well though and not to floppy. Empty sacks just don’t cut it over here….weight too is important – huge and heavy just like it says on the tin!

  8. steve Says:

    totally agree, not looking for just huge need shape as well, tiffany towers, angi (the russian bird),melina velba etc, yer get me drift mate. cheers steve.

  9. steve Says:


  10. steve Says:

    made me think, velba milking! christ that’s something special.

  11. hugey Says:

    Busty Merilyn gets a marginal pass for me – like them just a bit plumper and heavier. Having said that she is AWESOME though. Impossibly busty for such a small frame.

    Milena Velba is in a league of her own – must be in the top three of all time?. I nearly fainted first time I saw pics of her – overcome with lust ;-) Just a pity she doesn’t allow sites like HHB to promote her material – not that she needs much promotion.

    What about Eden Mor?

  12. steve Says:

    eden mor, yes total love from me, some heavy breastage there me mate. i can’t thankyou enough for putting this site up and keeping it updated so much, all tit men must be lapping this up. tis great to be in contact with someone as obbsessed as myself.

  13. Dana Says:

    Thanks for posting the info on JenniferB. Your site is the only place I could find out anyting about her. I’m in lust with her massive boobs. Usually breasts that big, once they come out of a bra flatten out but hers are full and round and amazing as are her unbelievable nipples.

  14. hugey Says:

    Welcome Dana. Yes, JenniferB material seems to be in short measure. I too can’t get over her enormous tits.

    It’s the way her tits cover her thighs – can’t put into words what that does to me :-o

  15. steve Says:

    maxis gone but we still have super jen! much lovefor her

  16. alicia Says:

    is she on that site naughty-homecams. ? cause i have a member on imlive that eather is her or someone that is using her videos cause is exacly this girl and also say her name is jennifer from germany :O and was curios if is really her or just a guy pretending is her by using her video … but she has huge tits i will like to put my head there >:) kiss guys

  17. hugey Says:

    Hi Alicia :-)

    I’m really not sure which, if any, webcam site she uses now. BUT would love to find out, so I can do a post.

    Can you post a link here to the imLive page you’re talking about? I’ll do a special post if we can track her down :-)

  18. sorry Says:

    guys, i hate to say this but jenniferb is a guy. he uses a very well made prosthetic set of boobs that strap all the way around to his back. they are always made with those exact nipples too. he was trying to make money online with them. you will never find a video of his face and rarely all the way to his neck which is usually covered. and you may not have noticed his man hands because of those boobs. focus on everything but the boobs and you will see. plus, similar devices are used on those tiny asians on ‘farang ding dong’ site

  19. christoban dalton Says:

    the best pair i have ever seen my dream to play with them for hours and lots of other things nice legs aswell looks like the perfect woman

  20. Update on JenniferB enormous boobs tits juggs knockers Says:

    [...] while back I posted some videos of JenniferB – it’s now one of the most commented posts on the [...]

  21. tony Says:

    possibly Nelli Roono?

  22. dcory Says:

    to me those look fake,i mean if they where real when she took off the shirt her boobs should have bounced more dont you think.they are nice but i think they are fake.

  23. First Hand Says:

    I highly doubt JenniferB is a man. You have to be an idiot to think so. I have seen her live on webcam on a program called paltalk. I don’t believe this cam community has nudity anymore but when I use to use it, it had a whole array of adult cam rooms. When I first saw her I was just in shock, so amazing and big and beautiful. I know she isn’t a man because she has a vagina!. She would play with it too. This was a couple of years ago where I first saw her. I stumbled on a collection of her on dailymotion where there is at least 16 clips. The breasts are too realistic. The texture of her skin is too smooth and even has some wrinkles, so it can’t be fake. The way they move do not look prosthetic.

    The fact that she has big hands does not make her a man, that is so ignorant. Women can have big hands and feet. Keep in mind she is German too and germans are usually large people. I have seen women with freakishly large hands, its just not valid to state they are men because of it.

  24. itsamanman Says:

    guys, for fuck sakes, it is A MAN!!! it has been proven time and time again on multiple forums that i guess you dont frequent. this will appear to be a woman to those who dont know better. which looks 99% of you. ‘First Hand’ you are only defending her because you’ve j/o’d to this guy way too much so you dont want to be caught. everything she does can be duplicated.. fake breasts… fake vagina, fake lactating breasts and all. you dont look around enough obviously, ALL those features can be recreated with a number of different materials to look feel and move just like the real thing, its not hard. its been in practice since the 70′s when they first created those giant fake penises that look absolutely real to be featured in pornos.

  25. paulchagrin Says:

    It is a huge decision by a macromatic person to display their breasts on cam. Although now it is becoming more common years ago a lot of these women did’nt understand the erotic effect they had on some men and some women, More power to women who ply their assets rather than go under the knife although breasts of such proportions as JennyB;s must be somewhat of an impairment. I could help carry them for her though if she needs help. You can see that just getting up is an effort. If only I could speak German. Grosser und titten und blockundtaclkelandunger. And does she have a child if she is with milk, and how much milk, the mind boggles. Jenny where are you?

  26. Bill Says:

    I was on a webcam site called Cam4 and I couldn’t believe my luck because Jennifer B was on for a whole hour. I’m afraid I didn’t see any mention of her schedule so I have no idea when she will be on again so you just have to keep visiting the site and hope you get lucky.

    Anorei Collins also has a one hour show on Cam4 every tuesday night at 9.00pm EST. Hope this will be of interest to you guys.

  27. hugey Says:

    Wow – thanks for the heads up Bill! Perhaps I should do a JenniferB update post to let everyone know she’s back!

  28. Bill Says:

    I only hope I’ve helped you guys out. It was just by pure chance that I was on CAM4 website and I saw her show. I couldn’t believe my luck. You can do a search on CAM4 for Jennifer B but you have to be a member to do a search. That would probably be the only way you might find out if she has a set schedule or not. Wish I could have been more helpful.

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