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Fuck Yeah! Racked….Amateurs

Time for some Fuck Yeah! Racked Amateurs. …

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45 Responses to “Fuck Yeah! Racked….Amateurs”

  1. ConfirmedTitMan Says:

    Hugey, these ladies are gorgeous! Instantly my eye (& cock) went to #’s 1, 3 & 10. All 3 are looking into the camera and engaging with it and that makes such a difference.

  2. tony Says:

    fuck yeah, i live for this shit! Much more appealing to me than the professional junk out there

  3. tony Says:

    omg these are some stellar female specimens!

  4. Charles Says:

    Fuk yeah, give me a racked amateur anyday! I think I like #10 best. She’s very large, and very pretty! #11 is damned incredible with her HHB, but won’t show face. #3 is phenomenally pretty, but I suspect a morph. If we could know more about #3 or #10 I’d like that!

  5. Charles Says:

    you said it Tony, I think we’re on the same page here!

  6. Paul Says:

    #10 wins

  7. TheStraubulous Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the girl in pic #9? I have 10 more pictures of her but have never known her name.

  8. bigtitsfan Says:

    love number 9 looking in the mirror. 11 has lovely hagers. number 4 i wishi was f-ing her in that position

  9. Moe Says:

    Oh yeah, that blonde in #10 is fucking amazing!

  10. Moe Says:

    And I think #3 is Sha Rizel

  11. syreata Says:

    #9 is her: http://jujube-86.tumblr.com/ I believe her name is Julia.

    I love the pose of #5, it’s one of the things I like to do when I am “having fun” with myself. #11 is WOW. I am literally jealous of her “girls”, I like #6′s body. She has a cute tummy. #7 has a nice booty. She’s WEARING those capris.

  12. MisterC Says:

    The headline picture looks like it might be a morph…if not….what a set of thick torpedos to body ratio

  13. ca uk Says:

    im fast becoming a huge fan of the amateur titters,, I would like to see this made a more regular feature if that is possible hugey?? pic 1 is incredible,, those big heavy tits look amazing and her nipples are wonderfull especially those lush dark areolae.. love her playfull smile to,, she knows shes got us guys… mister c I don’t think the feature shot is a morph,, just lovely big torpedo shaped boobs not to dissimilar to hitomi tanakas but im guessing bigger.. 4 and 5 amazing shape, the girl in pic 10 is absolutely incredible and my pic here… huge firm tits with lovely nipples and her gorgeous girl next door looks ooze charm and sexuality.. do we know anything about her?? Im assuming theres more pics of her out there so anyone able to track them down?? some homework for you hugey…

  14. ca uk Says:

    as ive said before some of these amateurs could have very profitable careers in the big tit game but many of them are unaware of this… they put out a selfie for a bit of fun not realising that tit hounds like us guys are out there loosing their minds!!!!!!! great post hugey,, love to see some more and I know im not the only one here at HHB… as you rightly called us in a previous post “tit monsters” and tit monsters need to be fed!!!!

  15. Hugey Says:

    Syreata – wow, nice one, thanks for the link! DAMN, HOW I WOUld suck on those titties :)

  16. ca uk Says:

    pic 3 is not sha but it could be a photoshop,, image isn’t very clear so its hard to decide… 7 looks like shes got a nice full round ass!!!

  17. ca uk Says:

    I agree hugey,, tits hang lovely and that’s a great ass to…

  18. Hugey Says:

    MisterC & Ca – like you guys, I really hope those torpedoes on ‘feature pic girl’ are real! I want to clap them together

    #4 makes me want to ‘climb on’ and race hard to the finish line :) so so sexy…

  19. Hugey Says:

    ca – #3 is very real and working in UK! Check this out…
    gorgeous or what?

  20. ca uk Says:

    wow,, yes your right hugey… incredibley gorgeous!!!!!! any more info on 1 and 10 please??

  21. syreata Says:


    Not to mention, she has nice long legs too and she’s tall(I think she’s about 6 feet)too. I would love to have her legs wrapped around me….

  22. Gaz Says:

    Big tits in the wild! Love it.

    I refuse to entertain the notion that they’re morphs and, instead, choose to be blown away and utterly enthralled by the awesome udders of girls 2, 3 and 11. Incidentally, I don’t see much love for No.11. She’s HUGE and by far the biggest. Great selection overall, Hugey.

  23. tony Says:

    I think so Charles!

    did the jujube link work for anyone else? didn’t work on my end.

  24. morrd Says:


  25. Thickmaster Says:

    Solid collection here. #3, 4, 5, 6, and especially 11 – wow!!!

  26. Blode Says:

    Number 2 has some might boobs, Its just a shame that you can see her…. Panty Liner in her underwear :(

    Am I the only one put off by that? (I could live with it mind..)

  27. Boobers Says:

    Some of these ladies are head and shoulders (not to mention boobs) above the paid models you are seeing now on SCORE. For sure—something very sexy about an amateur photo of a very busty lady. 2 is my favorite, and yep–that is a panty liner. I also could get over that. She does have very Hitomi like tits–they start out narrow–then swell–then get a little narrow again. True udders. Pic 5 reminds VERY much of a black girl I used to date who had a body very very similar to Chaka T and wore a 38H cup bra.

  28. Moe Says:

    Part of the appeal of amateur pics is that they are more reL and less fantasy. Panty liners are part of life and a mild one at that. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

  29. luvembig Says:

    Love the amateurs. Count me among the crowd that finds this stuff more appealing the the professional stuff. Have to agree with MisterC, though. That headline pick looks too good to be true. Probably a morph. If it’s real, though, holy crap, she’s incredible. Too bad she didn’t show her face.

  30. syreata Says:

    My favorite pic of Jujube: http://jujube-86.tumblr.com/image/59164411216

  31. Ralph Says:

    Those boobs on 3, 5 and 11 are mouth watering

  32. ConfirmedTitMan Says:


    If you read the caption, it’s not jujube but her sister-in-law!

  33. Charles Says:

    Oohhhhh yeah, I’m LIKING IT! The more I look the more I see!!! #4 is actually totally bodacious!! And fit! I want to see her face! Looking at her and #5 a lot too! I’ve got some FRICTION FROSTING for you girls!!!! You can even lick the spooon!

  34. hugey Says:

    Syreata/CTM – holy shit, that pic is awesone. What a double act! I would love to get between jujube and her sister-in-law

  35. syreata Says:

    That’s a guy who posted a pic of her, supposedly he’s married to her(Julia)sister: http://grubwyrm.tumblr.com/post/61451455460/heres-my-sister-in-law-again-you-know-so-my


    BTW: This is supposedly her sister: http://aristtaroxxx.tumblr.com/ Looks just like jujube, but she’s definitely not part of the BBC as Jujube is….

  36. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    LOL! You guys are some bonafide big tit detectives! Thats why this site is the best, no pair can (or should) go unidentified. I should contact CBS about a possible TV series, CSI: Big Titties! Amazing.

  37. hugey Says:

    Syreata – looks like god used up all the tittie genes on jujube! Like we said before, life is so unfair, lol

  38. syreata Says:

    LOL. That’s true, but she(Aristta) has her positive attributes. I just find it weird that she(Jujube) would pose nude and topless for her bro-in-law. Feels incestuous(not technically but you know what I mean) but to each their own, right?

  39. syreata Says:

    WHOA!!!!: http://yepjeeway.blogspot.com/2014/09/heather-k-l.html

  40. Hugey Says:

    Oh–My–F’king–God holee shitox. Heather K L is off the chart! Holy crap, those tits look Norma/Karola big. Ok, if those tits are real she best amateur ever…

  41. tony Says:

    ^ agree with above on the size of her boobs

  42. morrd Says:

    HEATHER K L ?????????? I’m suspicious?They could totally be fake?Need to see more? Like her cleavage with out being covered up!

  43. Charles Says:

    I’ve seen Heather on Facebook. ‘Heather Kuhoric Lewis’ is the name used. Seaford, Delaware is the location. There’s a lot of pics, mostly the same selfie angle with different outfits, and there’s different amts of cleavage. Possibly real … dunno. That should give u ‘detectives’ something to go on … well let’s just call a spade a spade: you STALKERS can have something to go on …

  44. Charles Says:

    Nothing incestuous about two girls who are sisters, S! Pretty clear what one of his major motivations is getting together with Aristta! LOL. Nice link! This dude is into DPP too. I’m sure these girls know what he’s posting. If they are into that, there’s no telling how much fun these girls like to have!

  45. ca uk Says:

    heather k l is certainly impressive and her nipples looking huge through those tops… ive no reason to believe there fake!!!!!! any pics with her tits out???

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