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Fuko Cooko for Youko

I know, probably the worst Fuko post title of all time, but in my defence sometimes these really bad titles just jump into my head and I feel compelled to post them…

These are early Fuko pictures from the Busty Asians archive. From day 1 she was destined for huge breast stardom with that killer body…

All pics courtesy of Busty Asians

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7 Responses to “Fuko Cooko for Youko”

  1. clarity Says:

    Wow, what a natural beauty. Even without the perfect chest, she’s a head-turner. With them, she’s a jaw-dropper.

  2. TuggerJB Says:

    Couldn’t agree more clarity. She’s adorable, and with those howitzers hanging from her chest, she’s truly a big boobed star among stars! Gotta love her!!

  3. khmergay Says:

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  4. Jessica Says:

    she is amazing….

  5. femsup Says:

    If you go to Boobpedia and the first page you will find Super Amanda who is not only a great singer and all round intelectual and progressive person but also a very great fan of the jovial Fuko.

    Super Amanda has a real affinity and understanding with and of huge breasted women and their rightful place in society.

  6. femsup Says:

    What I love is the symbolism demonstrated in these pictures.The eggs symbolise fecundity and fertitlity and mirror her breasts in minature.And what lovely breast she has and so well presented in the way she does.What makes them even more noticable is that she continues to wear her top but pulled up.A way of being more nude than nude in a way.

  7. Richie Says:

    Fuko is a truly beautiful women. Obviously, her tities are amazing, but her legs are gorgeous, and oooh that pretty face.

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