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Fuko in Black Nylon Underwear

Inspired by a great comment from Handsome Dennis regarding who he’d like to be tit-slapped by:

My choice is the lovely and talented Fuko! She could play Godzilla, I could play Tokyo! NICE!!!!

I decided to go looking for some Fuko today.

Here’s some pics of lovely Fuko in black underwear from Busty Asians.

All pics courtesy of Busty Asians.

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15 Responses to “Fuko in Black Nylon Underwear”

  1. femsup Says:

    Fuko has to be the pre eminent huge breasted woman involved in erotica in Japan.An interesting pensive mood in these pics.Beautiful face and body.

  2. TuggerJB Says:

    OMG!! Fuko’s boobs are too awesome for words. The fullness from top to bottom is incredible. An added benefit would be how extra big your penis would look next to that petite little frame. Not that I would need that of course LOL!!

  3. Tony Says:

    Totally jack-off worthy

  4. Handsome Dennis! Says:


  5. TuggerJB Says:

    OK Dennis, I begrudgingly turn Fuko over to you lol! But only if I can keep Cheron all to myself. Deal?!?

  6. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    Tuggs, my friend, youve got a deal! Have youre people, contact my people, and we’ll get the paperwork done! Now that that’s been settled, I’ll just have to notify Fuko! She’ll be so surprised!

  7. TuggerJB Says:

    LOL!! Usually I get the last laugh Dennis, but allow me to tip my hat to the master. That was funny as hell! Handsome AND funny, Fuko is one lucky girl : )

  8. clarity Says:

    Nothing more stunning than a huge-breasted Japanese woman. Holy hotdicks from hell, Fuko is fine!

  9. Hugey Says:

    Hey Handsome D & TuggerJB – before that deal can through, I must bring to your attention the Tit-Tax for imaginary wife deals here HHB. In this case each wife must give Hugey a thorough tit-slapping, preferably in tandem.

  10. TuggerJB Says:

    Such an outlandish request would normally be followed by a glove slap across the face, then a gun battle at 20 paces lol! But being that you are practically the mayor at HHB Hugey, I guess I can overlook your total disregard for the sanc(titty) of marriage lol!

  11. hugey Says:

    Lol TuggerJB – in hysterics here!
    Unfortunately, it’s an ancient tax that dates back to Romammory times!

  12. femsup Says:

    Or like the Norman tax that meant that the overlord of the area had the “signeurial” right to sleep with any woman on her marriage night.

    Now logistics.Have to think of a way that two huge breasted woment could tit whip a lucky recipient together.All that flesh may end up slapping against each others breasts.As the sweat flies from slickened hot tits. Perhaps there is no need to worry after all.

  13. Hugey Says:

    Regarding logistics, I’m all for a simultaneous double tit whipping. The thought of tits colliding together just adds to the mix! Can you imagine the sounds as you’re bombarded by those heavy bombs and they together…beautiful!

    Cheron and Fuko hi-5-ing each other as they get the job done…

  14. TuggerJB Says:

    OMG!! As Fuko reaches up to high five the much taller Cheron, she realizes she’s staring face to nipple with some of the biggest tits, besides her own, that she has ever laid eyes on! Realizing an opportunity like this doesn’t present itself every day, Fuko begins to hungrily suck on Cheron’s mammoth size left breast! Alternating between shock and arousal, Cheron closes her eyes and throws her head back in sheer ecstasy as Fuko expertly brings her to her first boob induced orgasm! Just then, Handsome Dennis and I walk in to provide the sausage our horny wives so desperately crave LOL! For those of you who are lost, check the earlier posts lmao!!

  15. femsup Says:

    Yes not only the sound of heavy sweaty breasts slapping against ones own face but that of them slapping against each other.Similar but different sounds as the different weights and shapes of face as opposed to breast and even between differing breasts.

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