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Has Ginger 38H got the X-factor?

Is it just me or is anyone else completely besotted with this lady at the minute? Ginger 38H is my favourite new model at Divine Breasts and has me completely captivated. These pics are taken from Ginger’s latest set.

What’s your take on Ginger? Has Ginger got the X-factor?

Ginger Divine Breasts Huge BreastsGinger Divine Breasts Huge Breasts

Ginger Divine Breasts Huge BreastsGinger Divine Breasts Huge Breasts

All pics courtesy of Divine Breasts

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9 Responses to “Has Ginger 38H got the X-factor?”

  1. Blackant Says:

    Well I know it’s not just you! I just looked at my blog an hour ago and found someone’d found my blog looking for BBW Ginger, and I never said a word about her on there! That made me have to go off and look, but I went here first and found her without a search.

  2. Blackant Says:

    Oops! Forgot to add how I absolutely LOVE love :) that chinfull she’s giving herself! And the soft mushing shapes of her arms and shoulders and breasts pressing all over her… combine that with the cutest face- at least in the chinfull pic- IMO, and I can see how everyone fell in love. Love that chinfull! Mmm :)~

  3. hugey Says:

    Hey Black,
    Good to hear from you Dude – you seriously need to fnd this girl and shoot some candid of her :-)

  4. Tony Says:

    I must of missed this post. I wonder what her personality is like.

  5. chris Says:

    its not just you- Ginger is incredibley sexy
    She has the look and marvelous tits – anybody who doesnt find her totally fuckable must blind or gay .

  6. laser level Says:

    Wooo X Factor moved onto Seattle! I wonder if I’ll recognize some of the contestants from the auditions.

  7. ivan Says:

    You’re something beautiful in the world. you are beautiful. you can watch all day

  8. ynnel Says:

    This girl is awesome and indeed has the X Factor. Just look at the top right photo and see how she has the look in her eyes, enticing you into her web. Damn, that’s hot.

  9. Paul Says:

    I could bust in her all day if I could have sex with her.

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