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Heavy Heavy Bikini-Meat

A couple of real heavy tops for you today courtesy of My Big Ex-Girlfriend. Check out the heavy bikini-meat in this first pic!

Very Busty Girl in Bikini

It’s been a while since I stopped by My Big Ex-Girlfriend and I’m glad to report they’re continuing to do lots of updates. Look out for more snippets here at HHB later this week :-)

All pics courtesy of My Big Ex-Girlfriend.

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10 Responses to “Heavy Heavy Bikini-Meat”

  1. femsup Says:

    Might be slightly altered that bikini pic but wow.And look at that big pussy mound yum yum.

  2. Hugey Says:

    I was thinking it might be morphed too but had to post it! Hope it’s not. Yes, you’ve got to love the way that bikini bottom is digging in around her waist and bulging.

  3. Tony Says:

    More Venus :)

  4. Hugey Says:

    Hey Tony – there’s some Venus in the queue. Watch this space :-)

  5. Tony Says:

    Haha :D I just put her as my desktop pic on my BB i just got to watch who i pull my phone out in front of cause those tits may bump anyone standing nearby

  6. femsup Says:

    Love the way part of her mound of venus is exposed on the side.Worried about that strange blur in the cut out at the bottom of the bikini top.

  7. clarity Says:

    Is it just me, or are bellies REALLY sexy?

  8. Hugey Says:

    Fem – yes, looks like it’s an ‘altered image’ – queue for some 80s new wave pop!

    Clarity – no, you’re not alone there. Bellies are definitely sexy. Right there with you on that one :-)

  9. femsup Says:

    Yes clarity and Hugey.It was sort of subliminal until I saw a magazine called “Belly” which highlighted this lovely part of a womans anatomy.Up until then it had just been there but now I notice it.She has a fantastically soft and round belly matched by those oh so curvy thighs and mirrored in that sumtiously prominent mound.The breasts would have been perfect to without the need for the altered image.

    Yes Hugey loved the band Altered Images with Claire Grogan and the rest.

  10. oliveira Says:


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