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Hitomi Tanaka: Tasty Candy Bikini

Ok tit fans how about Hitomi Tanaka‘s Candy Bikini to sweeten the deal! This is Hitomi’s latest shoot for Scoreland.

Who else is salivating looking at these pics, lol? That bikini and those tits would have you slobbering like a bloodhound!

and here’s a link to the Hitomi Candy Bikini Video from Scoreland

Also, BONUS TIME for all you LDM fans. Scoreland has released a tribute video called Lindsey Dawn Mackenzie: The Breast of Times

Watch the Full HD Videos and HD Picture Sets at Scoreland

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24 Responses to “Hitomi Tanaka: Tasty Candy Bikini”

  1. morrd Says:

    Hugey what’s going on here?No Boobie bandits at the great “HHB” have love for these “Japanese jumbo juggs”? I’m sure plenty of readers here have gone to asian “massage palors” you know cash and gash” pee pee massagie” happy endingl rubb and tugg and “Rubb down in china town”No one ever called one these place’s at night and asked? What time you close?And the asian goddess would answer…..”EIGHT A COCK” What time you close again she would respond ………? ..ATE A COCK!…ASIAN WOMAN RULE! They do what they gotta do to please there men? One time I went for a rubb down in china town(I’ve gone about 150 times for the record) Yeah I’m a pig! SO WHAT! and I enjoy a Korean woman with …….massive mambos! I visited her every week for 2 months till the fucken cops buster the place.?…………..WTF

  2. morrd Says:

    RING RING RING!heavy asian accent? Harro can I herp you.YEAH BABY! You boom boom? (girl)nooooo no boom boom. (Morrd) no boom boom yes you do I was there last week and u boom boomed me silly! (Girl) who uuuuu? oh I’m morrd …………..(girl) “OH long time I see no you come here you”?we got tree girl work today! (morrd) well I’m coming then ok. what time you close?…………………………..(Girl)….ATE A COCK!!…HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHHHAAA love it! HEY WHERE”S MIsterC some one send a search and rescue mission out for him? we will send out our best “titty titans” for him!

  3. Bernard Z. Grate Says:

    i was at a pool tournament a while back, and there was this cute asian girl there with a fairly low cut shirt, and she sported 34 F cups, and it was so refreshing suprising, and erotic because you don’t see asians with that size of a chest, it made them appear even more soft and squeezable than normal because of her heritiage.

  4. ca uk Says:

    great post hugey,, you know how crazy I am for linsey dawn,, could watch her all day!!!!!! hitomi is also amazing and ive been a fan since her early score appearances… interesting that she only does hardcore in her native japan,, id like to see her handled here in the UK…

  5. ca uk Says:


  6. ca uk Says:


  7. ca uk Says:

    hugey what do you think to linsey and hitomi??

  8. hugey Says:

    ca uk – I’ve got to be honest and say that, back in the day, LDM didn’t blow me away like she did you. That said I always knew she was really hot and sexy but I didn’t feel compelled to follow her every move like you. Hitomi is really sexy too.

    If you had to choose, one night, LDM or Hitomi?

  9. ca uk Says:

    ha ha hugey,, as hot as hitomi is its a no brainer my friend… I would kill for one night with linsey,, remember this is a chick that back in the 90s I used to keep a scrap book of any clippings from newspapers I found aswell as a collection of every mag she appeared in…

  10. ca uk Says:

    ha ha morrd is some character

  11. ConfirmedTitMan Says:


    Like you, I was never blown away by LDM. Having said that, I did find her sexy and particularly liked her videos where her personality came through. She should certainly be applauded for being one of the trail blazers of the modern big tit scene.

  12. hugey Says:

    Morrd – I think you might be the biggest tit monster around here, lol. ATE A COCK – too funny.

  13. hugey Says:

    ha ha ca uk – I already knew the answer…just wanted to hear the dog bark, lol

  14. ca uk Says:

    @confirmed tit man,, I agree,, linsey was the one that set the bar in the early score days as far as naturals went…. hugey, the dogs always barking when linseys in the house ha ha

  15. Gustave Says:

    Ca uk:not surprising at all that you like LDM so much,she was the perfect embodiment of the term slim’n’stacked and she always looked like a wild one in all her sets,even in the shoots with Chloe Vevrier,Autumn Jade or Ines Cudna

  16. Gustave Says:

    About Hitomi,THAT is slim’n’stacked material to me ca uk,not the new Micky Bells

  17. ca uk Says:

    gustave,, I agree,, love the new micky look but hitomi is SLIM N STACKED!!!!!!!!!! yes LDM always owned the shoot and her layout with chloe is stuff of ledgend..

  18. ca uk Says:


  19. ca uk Says:


  20. ca uk Says:


  21. ca uk Says:


  22. ca uk Says:

    and finally

  23. ca uk Says:

    sorry hugey for invading this post,, all in the name of titties offcourse ha ha

  24. Gustave Says:

    Great pics!thanks for sharing but why Ines Cudna dressed??love those flappers

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