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Pam from Silicone Free – Huge Breasts, Tight Jeans n Bra

Getting back to those girls from Silicone Free, a slight change to the posting plan! After a late surge of votes for Pam (2 more!) I decided she really deserved a post.

As well as the late surge, I’m also a devoted fan of girls with huge breasts in tight jeans and bras and tight jeans and topless. And Pam ticks all the boxes in that respect with ease…

All pics courtesy of Silicone Free.

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10 Responses to “Pam from Silicone Free – Huge Breasts, Tight Jeans n Bra”

  1. J-MONEY Says:

    The picture with Pam hold her tits together sitting on the couch turn me on!!!!! It’s like she saying cum fucking and plow my massive juggs with your hard throbbing cock until you explode all over them!!! MMOG!!!!

  2. Hugey Says:

    I mean’t to say in the post, Silicone Free has a lot of Pam pics and video:
    - 980+ pics
    - 20 vids (~1hrs worth)
    it’s one of the less expensive sites and has a huge archive of very top heavy ladies. Well worth the plunge if you’re thinking of joining

  3. Jeff L Says:

    Pam is fabulous! She’s got a cute smile, a healthy-looking ass, and some of the biggest, roundest boobs on earth. And I DO mean “on Earth.” Silicone Free manages to find smile-bringing talent, but Pam (to me, anyway) is the best they’ve ever found.

    Thanks for the post, Hugey.

  4. clarity Says:

    Thanks for the tip on siliconfree.com, Hugey. Man, I LOVE those big pancake nips on a girl. Reminds me of subgirlie and one of the greatest titsters of all time: Nadine Jansen during her pregnancy.

  5. femsup Says:

    Great long time fan of Silicone Free.Its how we like the breasts on our women or nearly always.Pam is a good new addition to he pantheon of huge breasted people.

  6. Hugey Says:

    Hi J-Money – yes, such an inviting looking pic. Definitely a great place to dock-ur-cock :-)

    Hey Jeff – you’re right she’s cute. She looks really friendly and good fun. And what a body, I mean, just fab….

    Hey Clarity – Subgirlie, now there’s a blast from the past. Whatever happened to her. I loved that girl – beautiful large heavy tits with huge pancake aerolas as you say. However, it was her style and subby personality that did it for me.

    Hi Fem – yes, SF is up there in the top 5 sites I’d say. The best sites are always run by enthusiasts and SF is definitely a huge breast lover

  7. femsup Says:

    Yes you really get the feeling that the people who run SF really are interested in their job and not just for the money.Pictuers 7 & 9 have that double bubble effect with all those curves harmoniously competing against one another.

  8. bigtitsfan Says:

    if pam did go hardcore i would prefer she go with someone like scoreland rather than bigtitscurvy ass since they don’t have a really great reputation with their models.

  9. Hugey Says:

    Yes Fem – great harmonies being played out right there. Sweet swet music for huge breast lovers

    Hi Bigtitsfan – personally, I don’t have a great desire to see Pam do hardcore. With some models, yes, I do want to see it but not so with Pam for some reason. Not entirely sure why. But you’re right, even less so with someone like BTCA and their style! Score probably would do a better job.

  10. femsup Says:

    I think who she is with now shows greater respect for the person as a person than either of those other two.I agree with your sentiments Hugey.Depends on how they are shot too.

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