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Huge Breasts on thin Micky

Here’s your second helping from Big Tits Glamour by way of some new pics of huge breasted Micky.

Thought I’d concentrate on the clothed pics of Micky. Not enough sites (IMO) do enough fully clothed pics of huge breasted girls. Good to see that Big Tits Glamour kept Micky’s huge guns under wraps for most of this shoot…

Just in you’ve been hiding under a stone over the last year or so you may not know that Micky has a webcam and does LIVE Bedroom Shows. Some screengrabs from her camwork below:

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5 Responses to “Huge Breasts on thin Micky”

  1. Jeff L Says:

    I like Micky’s style. She’s got that “Smelling nice as I get sultry with these enormous low-slung breasts” thing going on. In a casual, very attractive way. She’s curvy too, and looks great in classy clothes.

    Good genes is what she’s got!

    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. femsup Says:

    I too am sometimes offended when told I am undressing a woman with my eyes.To me I am looking at her body in all its gorgeousness when it is clothed.The pics are a perfect example of how delicious and delovely she is without baring her nipples or even aerolea.

  3. hugey Says:

    Hey Jeff – Micky has definitely got impressive genes worth cloning!!

    There’s a no-nonsense look about Micky I find very appealing too.

    Hey Fem – hard not to stare at this kind of eye-candy and mentally undress. In fact, eye-candy suggests light-visual-snack, when really talking more of a 3-course-visual-meal at the Ritz-Titz.

    You just wouldn’t want to be on a date with Micky sitting at a nearby table, in view, dresses as she is. The date might not go too well!!

  4. femsup Says:

    The table would certainly lift up with no hands sittin gopposite her.Gorgeously rounded cleavage.

  5. Jeff L Says:

    I agree, Hugey. Micky does have a no-nonsense look to her, a friendly one that deepens her curvy cuteness. I’d definitely notice her sitting at the table next to mine if I was on a date.

    And yes, it’s true my date might not go too well!

    Unless my date somehow manageds to be the HR manager of my company. Then it’s up in the air.

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