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Is Rinko Competition for Fuko?

Check out these pictures of Busty Asian Rinko. Rinko has big heavy Japanese tits that look almost Fuko big! What do you guys think: Is Rinko competition for Fuko?

These pics are taken from one of the many videos of Japanese Girls with Big Tits over at Busty Asians

All pics courtesy of Busty Asians.

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8 Responses to “Is Rinko Competition for Fuko?”

  1. Femsup Says:

    She has a favourable breastal mass.But it is not just about the size and weight of Rinko’s boobs impressive as that is. Fuko has a charm all of her own that is above and beyond what she keeps on her chest.

    Fuko is cute and bright and breezy and has a good looking face.

    It is encouraging though to see more evidence that Japanese women are wighing in with the huge breasts you would expect of an advanced well eating economy.

  2. Charles Says:

    Huge breasts are always awesome, and Rinko has huge ones. But I still see Fuko. She’s more cute and her breasts are more firm. Firm is good. Too bad Fuko has “man-hands” …

  3. supercalo Says:

    Apples and oranges if you ask me, pretty sure shes the orange though.

  4. Handsome Dennis! Says:

    NO! There is no competition for Fuko! Fuko is the very essence of Japanese big boob hotness! Dont EVER forget it! I’m not a violent person, but questions like this bring me to the brink of unleashing a can of whoop ass! And that’s the bottom line……….cause The Handsome One says so!

  5. Lisa Suzanne Says:

    Not even close- Fuko is Japans best by far!!!
    She has the most amazing figure to go
    along with those stunning and hot Girls.

    your seattle shemale admirer– xoxo

    p.s. do not think any Asian can compare…

  6. SueBB Says:

    I’m a Fuko fan too but pic 3 of Rinko’ luscious tits slumping in that sexy bra is really hot. Seeing the weight of her huge breasts put the pressure on her soft cup bra is special.
    Pic 10 too seeing them in thier full heavy state is really hot too.
    I guess I’ll hold my overall opinion after I can talk Hugey into more Rinko pic….lol. I wouldn’t get tired of seeing them.

    Yes for all the reasons other stated Fuko is still the Japanese huge breast standard.

  7. Charles Says:

    My final answer: no she’s not in Fuko’s class.

    Fans of Fuko: check out Dailymotion and search for this clip:

    “Fuko – “All Nude” Scene”

    Include the quotes around “all nude.” Keep searching and you will see the hottest softcore shoot I have ever seen. Fuko smothered in clear lube. Fantastic.

  8. melmoth Says:

    Fuko outboobs Rinko. Only Hitomi Tanaka can successfully challenge Fuko.

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