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Jazmin Jizzstick and other new models at Futanaria

Some new models have been introduced recently over at Futanaria including Wendy Wang, Hailey Hardhumper, Lauren Lancelot, Dana Doubledong and my new favourite Jazmin Jizzstick – what a booty!

Wendy Wang, Janeen Junkstuffer & Hailey Hardhumper

Lauren Lancelot & Dana Doubledong

Felicia Femwood

Jazmin Jizzstick

All pics are from Futanaria.

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7 Responses to “Jazmin Jizzstick and other new models at Futanaria”

  1. clarity Says:

    The bigger the better. I need to join this one again. Don’t you know these models can’t stop laughing and having a blast when they make these films? Oh to be an assistant on the set.

  2. Hugey Says:

    Yes, love the names they come up with for the models – cracks me up :-)

    Loving new model Jazmin. She’s got some booty!

  3. femsup Says:

    Her backside is so gorgeous eh.Have to be careful or the site name will have to change to Huge Heavy Breast And Bottoms.

  4. simon Says:

    What the hell??
    Nothing attractive with these women with those dicks???

    Don’t get it !

  5. Fake Says:

    lol i dont know how ur guys waste ur time waching da bull shit that lucios lopez with a fake dick is everybody blind or somenthing?

  6. dont care Says:

    yes i belive that is lucios lopez i thought the same thing at first

  7. jim kapu Says:

    I think Dara Danglemore, Is hotter then,killer legs and beautiful.
    I got no problem with her,freaky dick its all good.

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